A Year in Review at the Village - 2016

January 17, 2017

It's a new year, and the Village is officially 4 years old. What a year 2016 was for Atlanta Tech Village! We continue to see amazing growth in Atlanta and in our community. As we focus on the new year ahead, let's take a quick nostalgic look back at 2016. Here are a few highlights from one of the largest tech hubs in the country:

  • 1,000 member milestone was achieved and we topped out with over 1,100 current, active members in 2016.
  • 30+ hours of research revealed we are the 4th largest tech hub in the US.
  • 300+ startups worked in the Village in 2016.
  • $325M+ capital has been raised by Village startups.
  • 41 Village startups have achieved 6 Figures in Funding or ARR.
  • 24 Village startups have achieved 7 Figures in Funding or ARR.
  • 2,781 jobs have been created through Village startups.
  • 96 internal office moves were experienced as startups grew into and out of their office space.
  • 2 student intern fairs were hosted connecting 1,238 students with job opportunities at 107 tech companies.
  • 281 people attended our 4th Annual Holiday Showcase featuring 28 of our hottest Village startups.
  • 1,278 tweets were sent.
  • 31 local schools came to tour the Village and experience startup life.
  • 208 fitness classes were held in our gym and on the rooftop.
  • 5 weekend long hackathons were hosted including one with the Atlanta Braves!
  • 1,732 tours were given.
  • 10 University Career Fairs were attended by Village staff to recruit top talent for Village startups
  • 74,880 cans of Dasani Lime/Lemon were consumed.
  • 232 Villagers participated in our Mannequin Challenge.
  • 62 Retweets and 102 likes gave us our top tweet of the year.
  • 3 companies graduated from the Village after outgrowing our space- SalesLoft, Terminus, and IO Education.
  • 600 glow sticks were bought for our epic 3rd Annual Members Only Block Party.
  • 431 events were hosted by our amazing events team.
  • 100+ pitches were made to investors and enterprise companies including Coca-Cola, Honeywell, and Turner.
  • 150 kegs of beer were consumed.
  • 2,600 pounds of Octane coffee were purchased.
  • 3,300 people attended our largest monthly pitch event - Atlanta Startup Village.
  • 46 Startup Chowdowns were hosted and 12,144 meals were served to entrepreneurs.
  • 23,400 bags of chips were eaten.
  • 1 Village wedding was hosted on our rooftop.

And it was all awesome.We are looking forward to 2017 and all the promise it holds for our amazing Village family and the startup community of our great city. Keep dreaming big, Atlanta!

January 17, 2017
Karen Houghton