I Do My Hair Toss

March 30, 2022

For the past few months, every 4 to 5 weeks - usually on Thursdays, the members of Atlanta Tech Village are offered the chance to have their hair done by a Master cosmetologist inside their very own office space. Talk about flexibility.

So this Thursday, Victoria from DashStylists will be at the Village cutting and styling from 2pm to 9pm, offering late services for entrepreneurs who usually… work late.

Thanks to a partnership and close collaboration between the Village and the DashStylists team, the process designed for our community members is smooth and frictionless and in a few clicks members can book their service and the time that suits them for 10% off normal Dash Stylist prices. is an Atlanta based startup, born in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. However the idea dated back before the pandemic, when Pierre, freshly landed from France, realized at-home haircuts were not as developed in the US as they were in France, and most of the time the available at-home services were quite expensive. So like everybody else in ATV, Pierre tried to tackle the problem. And a year later with Gabrielle (a Master Cosmetologist with experience in New York, Charlotte and Atlanta) they created the first network of mobile barbers and mobile hairstylists in Atlanta Metro.

DashStylists has been serving individuals for about a year, and recently launched a new initiative: partnering with apartment buildings, aging care facilities and working spaces. DashStylists brings it's expertise in at-home hair services, making it easy for residents to get what they need, without having to leave home or office.

It is no secret, that wellness and personal care services are important today, especially in the aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic. But a few players like Atlanta Tech Village have already understood there is more to come : bringing those type of services to a community will transition them from being a “nice have” to a “must have”, what could be seen as a shiny - trendy feature, will become a cornerstone of the work environment.

March 30, 2022
Hilton Thompson