Thank you, Kevin Sandlin

December 3, 2020

If you’ve ever attended Pitch Practice at Atlanta Tech Village, you know Kevin Sandlin. You’ve watched him write on the whiteboard all the elements of a good pitch, you’ve eaten lunch with him at Startup Chowdown, and he has helped you improve your pitch and grow your business. 

Kevin has been incredibly faithful and consistent in his service to the Atlanta Tech Village community, beyond generous with his time and expertise, and built a legacy of an incredibly popular and valued program at the Village. Part of the magic sauce was that Pitch Practice was more than a program. The value of having a strong pitch is something that cannot be overlooked in the life of a startup. 

For 7+ years, Kevin Sandlin has created a community where people could come each Friday afternoon and feel welcome, where they could connect with others, network, and learn and grow in a safe space. That is truly invaluable and we are beyond grateful for the years of your life that you voluntarily poured into our community. Pitch Practice has been an institution here at Atlanta Tech Village. Friday’s have been our favorite day of the week due to the influx of entrepreneurs coming through our doors to eat lunch and gather in the Pitch Practice Boardroom to sharpen their spiel and get feedback from Kevin, along with their peers. 

Kevin is moving on to do his own thing and we are so excited to watch his continued success. But don’t worry, he will forever be a Village member and a valued part of our community. You can still get his book, Practice Your Pitch to keep a little piece of Kevin & Pitch Practice in your pockets all the time. We are excited to announce that Jacey Lucus will be taking over starting on January 8, 2021 and will honor Kevin’s legacy by continuing Pitch Practice on Friday afternoons at 1:00pm (virtually for now) to help startups perfect their pitch. 

Thank you, Kevin! We are forever grateful.

December 3, 2020
Hilton Thompson