Catching up with ITV Cohort #6

December 9, 2020

Remember that powerhouse cohort with over $600,000 raised in capital, 2 product launches, several paid pilots with customers spanning from Atlanta to New England? They’re back to give us updates on how things are going, and we can’t wait to share them with the wider Atlanta Tech Village Community. In case you missed Demo Day, please check out our pre-Demo Day post on them here or watch the livestream here..

We caught up with a few founders, and this is what they had to stay about "life after cohort":

“ATV ITAV, was exactly what I needed to push my startup to the next level. I love y’all!”

Ashleigh of The Studio Social

 “ATVs It Takes A Village Is a motivating and supportive startup family that guided me during the early and turbulent stage of my prerevenue startup. I have formed lifelong friends in my peer founders and ATV advisors. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.”

Fahim of Mealbrowse

The ITAV program has helped Promenade solidify its foundation, helped us understand the key steps we need to take, and opened up doors to conversations that have positively shifted our trajectory.

JT of Promenade

Our team’s diversity and inclusion initiative emphasizes the importance of supporting diverse perspectives and inclusive work environments in technology. The It Takes A Village Pre-Accelerator is becoming one of nations most prestigious programs for pre-seed startups led by women and people of color. Some of our past alumni wins, continued success, notable sponsorships, and recap of the previous cohort can be found here.

Cohort 6 Milestones

  • $600,000+ raised in capital (ecoText)
  • 2 product launches (Mealbrowse, Romp and Tumble)
  • Secured 2 University Pilots (ecoText)
  • First BiCoastal Cohort; from Georgia to New England
  • Corporate Partnership with over 2 million daily jobs database (Promenade)
  • Launched Pilot with Local Retailer (Tuggo)

Cohort 6 Founders

  1. The Studio Social Ashleigh
  2. Tuggo Andy Okala
  3. Romp and Tumble Tara Geigh
  4. ecoText Joel
  5. Promenade JT Liddell
  6. MealBrowse Fahim Faisal

Stay Tuned

To make a real change it takes perseverance and consistency which is way we are excited to build on our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. This 16-Week program is designed to prepare underrepresented founders to successfully get to the next level which is defined as gaining traction by acquiring paid customers, receiving a seed investment, and/or earning a spot in an accelerator program. By providing an inclusive community for these diverse group of founders, we believe providing direct access to community, curriculum, and capital will help build and grow the next generation of sustainable startups and diversity in tech.

Stay Tuned! – You don’t want to miss the amazing things in store for this group.

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December 9, 2020
Hilton Thompson