Thankful for 2021

November 24, 2021

Remember when we thought 2021 would be easier than 2020? HA! This has been a tough year for most, whether that means the loss of a friend or family member, the loss of a job, or the inevitable burnout and exhaustion that everyone is facing, no one has had it easy. But today let’s choose to focus on the good parts, the parts that remind us why we love the Atlanta Tech Village community. 

We are grateful for everyone who has walked through our doors, used our hand sanitizer and laughed as we removed the mask signs, put them back up, and then took them back down again.

We are grateful for entrepreneurs and founders who have worked tirelessly to make their company succeed (or even just stay alive) during this tough time. 

We are grateful for the ability to still have work from home days, use Zoom and the ability to wear sweatpants with a blazer. 

We are grateful for mentors and advisors who have walked side by side with our founders as they ask hard questions and grow their companies. 

We are grateful for iced lattes and turkey chili at Kula Coffee Co

We are grateful to see people back in the Event Center for things like Atlanta Startup Village and Startup Chowdown.

We are grateful for the the 17 founders who graduated from It Takes a Village Cohort #7 & Cohort #8 who learned, grew and excelled, even in the hardest of circumstances. 

We are grateful for everyone who supports our It Takes a Village initiative, like Audi, Trust, Microsoft for Startups and countless mentors, advisors and friends.

We are grateful for good shows you can binge, hilarious TikTok trends, and going back to the movie theaters.

We are grateful for the sponsors who provide the best workshops, content, time and money to help our members find success. 

We are grateful for startups successes… like DecisionLink's growth and Series A, Aver's $58 Million dollar investment and so many more!

We are grateful for our health and our families who support us relentlessly.

We are grateful for our Village team, who make life fun inside and outside of the office.

Most of all, we are grateful for you, our members. The people who make the Village, the Village. Watching the hallways fill up and the masks come off and seeing your smiling faces again has been the highlight of our 2021. Your resilience and commitment to calling the Village home is what makes this thing work and we are eternally grateful for each of you. 

So take some time this week to breathe, eat something yummy and be thankful for the good things.

November 24, 2021
Hilton Thompson