Pitch Atlanta Recap - 2023

March 15, 2023

Investors from around the country joined a plethora of local investors March 1-2nd for our 2nd annual Pitch Atlanta event. This 24-hour, invite-only gathering at Atlanta Tech Village connected 15 of the best local startups with 100 accredited investors from across the nation.

“Pitch Atlanta is a chance to showcase some of our most innovative, fastest-growing startups to a wider investor audience. We have incredible talent here doing world-class work, and it's awesome to share that -- in fact, multiple attendees told me how blown away they were by the quality of the pitches and the founders!”

-- Aly Merritt (Managing Director of Atlanta Tech Village)

The idea for Pitch Atlanta sparked in 2019 with the inaugural event bringing together twenty early-stage startups and vetted investors in an intimate, fun, and authentic setting. The 2020 Pitch Atlanta went digital in the midst of the country shut-down. Now, after two years of hibernation, the event was back and stayed true to Atlanta’s southern hospitality roots, with a warm, accessible, and welcoming vibe. Merritt (and a guest appearance by Kathryn O’Day) served as a lively and entertaining host alongside the powerful and supportive Atlanta Tech Village team. 

Chanel H. Frazier (left) and Monica Delores Hooks (right)

A Fireside Chat

Monica Delores Hooks, Executive Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), interviewed Chanel H. Frazier, Managing Director at BlackRock, Head of Business Strategy for the Portfolio Management Group and Head of the Atlanta Innovation Hub (iHub), in an intimate fireside chat. They covered innovation, tech, startups and investment, from Chanel’s unique perspective on the Atlanta innovation scene. It was insightful and inspiring!

The Startups

These 14 startups came ready to pitch, and ready to raise. A car rental marketplace connecting gig workers, digital wellness for women suffering from UTIs, impactful offsite planning, and payroll payments increasing access for overlooked consumers... Atlanta startups have a lot to offer in 2023. Check out this amazing lineup:

AdPipe is a motion-first marketing platform helping marketers create, distribute, and track custom motion graphics built from existing videos.

Carpool Logistics is a technology-driven automotive logistics company redefining how vehicles get transported.

Copient Health uses machine learning and predictive analytics to increase operating room utilization in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Dr. Noze Best's goal is to help your baby breathe, protect them from a dangerous infection, and give you peace of mind.

Happy Talks helps caregivers and families by providing consistent emotional support for their aging relatives, so they can spend less time worrying and more time connecting with their loved ones.

Infinite Giving leverages modern financial technology to help nonprofits grow by supporting their financial sustainability.

Jax brings bringing mobility and opportunity to those wishing to participate in the ride-sharing economy.

MyUTI is a digital wellness platform for the millions of women that suffer from urinary tract infections.

Nectar is the first-ever platform to provide alternative financing to real estate entrepreneurs.

Queues cares about helping you make the most of every day. With our mobile apps, we provide live wait times for your favorite restaurants, currently across Georgia Tech’s campus.

Designed for software platforms, Rainforest allows you to grow revenue by embedding payments into your product - without ops and compliance headaches.

READI is a for profit, tech-enabled workforce training platform. We use a virtual reality as a tool to train young adults age 16 to 26 to qualify them for open jobs in the market.

VIVA Finance powers a mobile-first lending platform that offers loans underwritten primarily based on employment information, rather than credit history.

Zinnia enables you to build trusted customer relationships through AI-powered executive summaries and curated talking points, and easily executed strategic sales events.

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Are you an investor who is writing checks? Make a request for the Pitch Book here.

Excited to have investors and startups in the same room at this exclusive venture conference. See you at Pitch Atlanta 2024!

March 15, 2023
Jacey Cadet