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Find and Retain the Best

Atlanta offers a rich community of unmatched professionals, from technologists to growth-centric marketers. Atlanta Tech Village is uniquely positioned to deliver the talent you need to grow your business and acquire new customers

Create Lasting Connections

The Village believes in the strength of Atlanta’s business and investment community, and we help our Villagers connect with a broad network of angel investors and funding sources. These valuable connections give our Villagers everything they need to grow, pivot, scale and succeed

Find Your Startup Sherpa

We know how to give our startups the broad, diverse support they need to succeed. Villagers can learn from Mentors who have started multiple successful businesses and advisors who are top subject matter experts in their fields.

Embrace Your Spontaneity

The Village delivers more than office space and a desk. With some of the world’s hottest startups as your neighbors, you’ll constantly receive challenging ideas and inspiring insights from your fellow Villagers.

You’re in good company

Atlanta Tech Village is home to some of the brightest and most talented companies in the world. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals looking to make a dent in the universe.