The Story of Atlanta's Startup Hub

Startups are hard. Community shouldn't be.

We set up a unique shared space to foster a collaborative community. Here’s how we created a space for like-minded people to come together and produce great work.

Born of a Passion for Startups

There was no startup scene when David Cummings came to Atlanta in 2002. Ten years later, the serial entrepreneur sold his marketing automation firm, Pardot, and purchased what is now the Atlanta Tech Village, with the sole purpose of supporting startups.

Today, the Atlanta Tech Village is a community of innovation powered by the 4th largest tech space in the U.S. and deep connections to Atlanta’s business and investment community. Together, we aim to create 10,000 jobs and fuel Atlanta's rise to a top-five tech-startup center in the U.S.

With unmatched mentorship and working space, The Village supports and inspires entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas and capital.

Built for you

Designed for the unique needs of tech and tech-related startups, our space is engineered to provide a powerful combination of factors that dramatically increase a startup’s chance of success.

  • Daily interactions to spread ideas and collaboratively solve problems
  • Mentors and advisors who guide you through unique challenges
  • Fully equipped office space to support growth and external meetings
  • Events and education which create valuable connections and spread big ideas
  • Deep discounts from strategic partners like Google, Microsoft, Hubspot and more to help you build
  • Access to talent that can help grow your business and acquire new customers

Startups are hard. Community Shouldn't be.

Atlanta Tech Village reflects the city in which we live: diverse, innovative, visionary, and kind. We work hard to provide an inclusive and supportive environment, home to some of the most amazing startups in the world, powered by four core values.

Pay It Forward.

Lend a helping hand, volunteer, make an intro, listen, give advice, and pay it forward.

Be Nice.

There is always time for kindness. We are a community of people who care for each other and celebrate successes.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

We work hard, long hours. And when you love what you do, you should also love where you work. Playing hard is one of our specialties.

Dream Big.

The Village exists for entrepreneurs. We are startups' biggest fans, and we provide everything you need to achieve your biggest dreams. You got this!

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