Re-opening of Kula Coffee Co

September 10, 2020

In October of 2019, we opened Kula Coffee Co. Kula is a flagship coffee shop created in partnership with Atlanta Tech Village and the Kula Project. In March of 2020 the world screeched to a halt, which meant so did Kula Coffee Co.

Today, we are excited to announce after 6 months of being without our favorite coffee shop, Kula Coffee Co. will be open for business on Monday, September 14th. Kula will be open from 7:30 am - 2:00 pm Monday through Friday for pick up and to go orders only. Masks will be required to enter the building.

See our current menu and get ready to place your pickup order for next week here!

We  believe that we can continue to connect entrepreneurs in Atlanta with entrepreneurs in Rwanda through an exceptional coffee experience in a community where all are welcome, even during a global pandemic. We believe that entrepreneurship is the single greatest mechanism for changing the world and coffee is the greatest connector of people.

Andrew Hogan is fearlessly leading Kula as the 4th successful coffee shop he has opened in the Atlanta area. Trust us, if anyone can make you smile during 2020, it's Andrew.

Just to take you down memory lane and give you a glimpse into the passion and heart behind this project, here are a few before and after photos.  But trust us, pictures do not do Kula Coffee Co. justice. So, look at this as your official invitation to come see us (with a mask on)! Grab a cup of the best coffee Atlanta has to offer, make a new friend, and be inspired by giving back and changing the world through coffee.

Get ready to place your Online Order here on Monday morning!

Thank you to our amazing supporters and community for your patience as we navigate these strange, strange times. We are excited to serve you again!

September 10, 2020
Hilton Thompson