Disability Etiquette & Inclusivity Training with iAccess Life

April 1, 2021

At iAccess Innovations, they have developed and released a lifestyle application that will allow its users to rate and review locations they visit based on their accessibility. Users will be able to rate places like restaurants, stores and hotels based on the accessibility of the parking, entrance, interior space and bathrooms.

They are working to establish a family of loyal users that curate and consume quality information from a trusted source. The ultimate goal of iAccess Life is to develop a platform that will assist in shining a light on accessibility flaws.

iAccess offers regular disability etiquette & inclusivity training workshops to teach others how they can improve their disability etiquette and promote inclusivity. Join us on April 13th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time for an interactive Disability and Inclusivity Workshop hosted by Disability Advocate and Host of “Freewheelin with Carden” Podcast, Carden Wyckoff.

Carden will walk attendees through various topics including:

1. Creating a Welcoming Culture

Ensuring people with disabilities have a welcoming environment, including the use of “Universal Design” and “People First” language.

2. Understanding the Etiquettes

Recognizing and respecting the needs of the person with disabilities and how they want to be approached.

3. Empathizing with Customers

Understanding different types of disabilities and what are some of the ways to ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment.

4. Processes and Practices

Accommodating people with disabilities, including minimum legal requirements and guidelines to provide a better customer experience.

5. Transforming Behavior

Continuous learning and feedback loops to ensure processes and practices are sustainable.

How to Attend

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April 1, 2021
Hilton Thompson