Say Hello to It Takes a Village Cohort #10!

June 23, 2022

..And we’re back! Let’s welcome another incredible group of start-up founders to Atlanta Tech Village, for the 10th ‘It Takes A Village Pre-Accelerator’ program! These founders grabbed their ATV badges and attended orientation on June 13th and now its off to the races! 16 weeks packed full of lesson labs, pitch practices, and sessions with our experienced mentors and advisors.

Our team’s diversity and inclusion initiative emphasizes the importance of supporting diverse perspectives and inclusive work environments in technology. The ‘It Takes A Village Pre-Accelerator’ is becoming one of the nation’s most prestigious programs for pre-seed startups, led by women and people of color. Some of our past alumni wins, continued success, notable sponsorships, and recap of the previous cohort can be found here.

The selection process becomes more and more difficult every year, but we are happy to introduce everyone to the incredible founders that make up Cohort #10!

We have curated a unique group of underrepresented founders and will be guiding them along their entrepreneurial journey this Fall. 

  1. Ask Me Your MD: Dr. Patricia Marsh
  2. Games4Grades: Dedren Sneed
  3. Gatsby: Alice Thacker
  4. Manifest Technology: Kristian Latiker
  5. NuNeighbor Inc: J.Labron Anderson
  6. REco Grocery: Crystal Osner
  7. RevMatch: Kai Tan 

Make sure you take the time to visit their websites, follow them on social media, and support these entrepreneurs throughout their 16 week journey! We will see you in 16 weeks at our Graduation, September 28th.

June 23, 2022
Hilton Thompson