Meet the Founders of ITV12

February 12, 2024

Meet the Founders of ITV12

We're excited to introduce the outstanding founders set to embark on a transformative journey through Atlanta Tech Village's pre-accelerator program, ITV13. This exclusive initiative, detailed here, is designed to propel startups into the realm of success, and the diverse cohort of entrepreneurs joining the program is nothing short of extraordinary.

Meet the Founders:

Smitha Kommareddi - Streamify Livecommerce Inc

Smitha leads Streamify Livecommerce Inc, poised to redefine the live commerce landscape with a mission to give shoppers the ability to use a digital wallet to buy products shown on video without ever leaving the video.

Fritz Valsaint - WiiTrak Inc.

WiiTrak Inc., led by Fritz Valsaint, aims to revolutionize shopping cart tracking/analytics. Their innovative approach will give enterprise shopping cart buyers tools to manage their national cart inventory.

Benjamin Tan - Psyntel

Psyntel, under Benjamin Tan's leadership, looks to make waves in A.I. & Mental Health. Their commitment to Empower mental health professionals with AI-enabled decisions,  aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Atlanta Tech Village.

Adrian Lozano Jr. - Hack Latino

Adrian Lozano Jr. heads Hack Latino. They’re goal is to empower the Latino community with personalized education, resources and support, fostering a bridge to the American Dream. Their presence in the pre-accelerator program adds a unique perspective to our community.

Kristin Bell - ReviewTailor

Kristin Bell and ReviewTailor bring a fresh take on workplace performance reviews. Their dedication to creating equitable and timely performance reviews, resonates with our It Takes A Village community.

Sheila Maithel - Brillist Better Projects

Sheila Maithel leads Brillist Better Projects, focused on improving the outcome of construction projects. With a commitment to ensuring that projects are not late and over budget, they are poised to make a significant impact in the pre-accelerator program.

Keylem Collier - Aayats

Keylem Collier and Aayats enter the program with a vision for connecting people who dream of making music, with industry professionals who can make that dream a reality. We are happy to welcome them into our pre-accelerator family.

Carrie McKinnon - 28ish

Finally, 28ish, led by Carrie McKinnon, is set to make their mark in the world of FemTech. Their innovative passions aim to help women of all ages, by educating and supporting the understanding of their menstrual cycle via a mobile application.

These founders represent the future of innovation, and Atlanta Tech Village is proud to support their journey. As is tradition with our pre-accelerator program, these 8 founders will be pitching their companies for 4 minutes each, at our Demo Day on May 9th. We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for more details soon.

February 12, 2024
Brandon Winfield