ATL Unlocked and Atlanta Startup Village Pitch Off #2

May 19, 2022

Join us on Monday, March 23th for a jam packed evening of events at Atlanta Tech Village! Not only will we have our special Pitch Off Edition of our bi-monthly Atlanta Startup Village event but we also have a limited number of tickets available for the Launch of the ATL Unlocked Tour!

ATL Unlocked will open doors between our region’s diverse community of creators, innovators, founders, and entrepreneurs. We want to transform metro Atlanta into an accessible ecosystem where creators, innovators, founders, and entrepreneurs thrive, sharing knowledge across diverse perspectives.

Join us for a tour of the first of five key innovation and entrepreneurial centers, beginning with a cocktail hour to showcase the Buckhead innovation district. You'll hear (briefly, we promise!) from city leaders like ATL Council President Doug Shipman, and neighborhood and community partners like Skillshot Media/Uptown, Techstars, Switchyards, Piedmont Center and the Atlanta Blockchain Center. We'll share thoughts on the importance of community and collaboration, showcase local libations and bites, and even conduct a few tours of the Village.

Then stick around for Atlanta Startup Village...

If you haven’t attended an in person Atlanta Startup Village before, then you are missing the largest bi-monthly gathering of entrepreneurs in the Southeast. There will be 6 local startups giving five-minute pitches drawing in people from all over the Southeast for an in person and live streamed event. This incredible event will bring together the Atlanta tech community and give an up-close look at some of the technology coming out of our city. You should join us.

Make sure you join the meetup page and check out the details below. We hope to see you there!


Monday, May 23, 2022


Atlanta Tech Village, Event Center 

Atlanta Tech Village Live Events Youtube Channel

Can’t make it in person? You can still watch Atlanta Startup Village virtually on YouTube Live! Follow our channel here.

This event is sponsored by our friends at PwC & Arbo!

May 19, 2022
Hilton Thompson