2021 Mentors and Advisors

February 10, 2021

When things got tough in 2020, and holy night did they get tough, there was little that felt “sure” in this world. Through thick and thin, our Mentors and Advisors stuck with our community to help startups and founders navigate uncharted waters. 

Every Friday, without fail, Mentors and Advisors show up for our community with their wisdom and time. I am beyond excited to announce our 2021 Mentors and Advisors:


A highly curated group of accomplished men and women who have incredible experience in the business and startup world. They have “been there, done that,” and are invested in the opportunity to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed. We consider it a long-term, authentic relationship that walks the startup journey alongside Founders in a blend of a personal and professional relationship.

Aaron Hurst
Alan W. Urech
Andrew Shannon
Andrew Steinberg
Billy Boozer
Charlie Paparelli
Dave Payne
David Hardwick
Geoff Wilson
Gregory Morrison
Jacqui Chew
Katharine Mobley
Kelli Ertel
Kim Wilson
Mike Burke
Musaddeq Khan
Shila Nieves Burney
Steve Helsing
Tami McQueen


A highly curated group of businessmen/women who are successful subject matter experts. They are sales wizards, senior developers, lawyers, accountants, SEO experts, marketing gurus, and VCs who are committed to offering support and free advice to our community. These relationships are considered short-term connections with specific subject matter needs and requests. After meeting with one of our Advisors, our members are able to walk away with goals and direction to better serve their startup and team.

A.T. Gimbel
Allison O'Kelly
Andrew Tabit
Anil Yasyerli
Benjamin Rudolph
Carl Johnston
David Kurkjian
Derick Jaros
Derrick DeCarlo
Dr. DeYonne Parker
Don Pottinger
Eric Levitan
Erica Stanley
James Scott
Jermaine Brown
Ken MacMurray
Kerry Tracy
Kim Seals
Mike Gomez
Melissa Davis
Michelle Cloninger
Morgan J. Lopes
Nancy Cox
Nandu Shah
Nick Foreste
Patrick M. Terry
Patrick Wiseman
Priscila Mattingly
Ricky Smith
Scott Lopano
Stefanie Diaz
Steve Bachman
Susanne Duke
Theia Smith
Tim Dorr
Wayt King
Yuri Eliezer

If you are a technology startup and you are wondering where you should call home, this list should be your answer. If you are a Villager, do yourself a favor and contact one of these incredible people. 2021 may not look very different from 2020 (YET) so do yourself a favor and invest in yourself and your startup by meeting with these incredible people. 

February 10, 2021
Kelly Anne O'Neill