Spotlight on Innovation: Atlanta Startup Village #95 Welcomes Four Dynamic Tech Startups

March 18, 2024

Atlanta's vibrant tech scene is once again abuzz with excitement as the Atlanta Startup Village gears up for its 95th event, set to showcase some of the city's most promising tech startups. Known as one of the Southeast's largest gatherings of entrepreneurs, this quarterly event never fails to draw in a crowd eager to witness the latest innovations emerging from the heart of Atlanta.

Scheduled for March 25th at 6:30 pm, this month's Atlanta Startup Village will feature four local startups poised to make waves in their respective industries. From on-demand swag for newsletters to cutting-edge AI platforms, each startup will have the opportunity to captivate the audience with their four-minute pitches.


Here's a sneak peek at the lineup:

  1. Slingshot - Founded by John Howard, Slingshot offers premium branded swag, a custom store for employees and fans, and worldwide fulfillment.
  2. StageWing - Founded by Sed Joseph, StageWing, is a pro-A/V and event production equipment sharing community where members can rent the best pro gear, wherever and whenever they need it.
  3. The Whole You app - Founded by Jared Rhodes, the Whole You app promotes holistic wellness and aims to empower users to prioritize their well-being through personalized and accessible health resources.
  4. Cogbias AI - Co-founded by Toly Shilman, Cogbias AI provides a groundbreaking platform to detect cognitive bias in marketing research and customer discovery.

Excitingly, this edition of Atlanta Startup Village will introduce a new element: a panel of distinguished judges. Among them are Landon Howell, a respected Startup Advisor and Techstars Mentor, and Anastasia Simon, Investment Principal at Techstars. Their insights and expertise will add an extra layer of intrigue to the event.

Furthermore, for the first time ever, founders of the showcased startups will participate in enlightening fireside chats, offering attendees a deeper understanding of their entrepreneurial journey and the challenges they've overcome.

Guiding us through this evening of innovation will be emcees Christian Ross, founder of Happy Talks, and Richard Hatcher, ATV's membership coordinator and a rising star in the acting world.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the latest developments in Atlanta's tech ecosystem, Atlanta Startup Village promises an evening of inspiration, networking, and discovery.

Join us on Monday, March 25th at 6:30 pm as we celebrate ingenuity, collaboration, and the boundless possibilities of technology at Atlanta Startup Village. See you there!

The event will be live streamed on YouTube.

About Atlanta Startup Village

Atlanta Startup Village is a quarterly gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts, providing a platform for local startups to showcase their innovations. Hosted at Atlanta Tech Village, this dynamic event fosters connections within the Atlanta tech community and highlights the city's thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

March 18, 2024
Atlanta Tech Village