A Year in Review- Atlanta Tech Village

December 31, 2014

As we approach our 2nd anniversary and the new year, we took a nostalgic look back at 2014. What a year it has been for Atlanta Tech Village! Here are a few highlights from our growing community and a very memorable 2014:

  • 234 members in January of 2014 grew to 751 members in December.
  • 103,000 square feet of our building was renovated into a multi million dollar transformation.
  • 116 tvs were installed in offices, conference rooms, and community spaces.
  • 2 student intern fairs were hosted connecting over 600 students with job opportunities at 98 tech companies.
  • 400+ people attended our 2nd Annual Holiday Showcase featuring 43 of our hottest Village startups.
  • 1,433 tweets were sent.
  • 47 Retweets and 49 favorites gave us our top tweet of the year.
  • 2 companies graduated from the Village after outgrowing our space to 40+ ppl- Bitpay and insightpool.
  • 600 glow sticks were bought to christen our swanky new rooftop patio with an epic Members Only Block Party.
  • 224 ping pong balls were used and abused.
  • 301 meet ups, workshops, and events were hosted.
  • 100+ pitches were made to investors and Fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola, Turner, First Data, Tenet Health, AT&T, and General Catayst.
  • We paid it forward with 2 volunteer days at Junior Achievement, 2 boxes of donated pet supplies to the Humane Society, 49 letters written to our troops with Burt's Big Adventure, 1000 gifts were donated and wrapped for homeless children in Atlanta with It's a Wrap, and hundreds of desks and IKEA furniture were donated to Tapestry Public Charter School.
  • 7,936 pints of beer were drunk.
  • 11,016,342 (estimated) calories were burned by Villagers having to use the stairs while our elevators were being renovated.
  • 1 epic video was made about climbing those stairs.
  • 49 Startup Chowdowns were hosted, feeding 10,347 entrepreneurs and providing an amazing platform to connect.
  • 10 pretty smooth dance videos were made during our summer #fridaydanceoff.
  • 5,000 high fives and fist bumps were given by our beloved security guard Jewell. (Seriously, he averages 20 a day).
  • 39 Villagers competed in an epic Dodgeball tournament.
  • 25 electric vehicles began parking in the Village deck.
  • 5,769 new organic Twitter followers were gained for a total of 10,125.
  • And all of us survived the snowpocalypse.

Looking forward to 2015 and all the promise it holds for our amazing Village family and the startup community of our great city. Dream big, Atlanta!

December 31, 2014
Karen Houghton