The Village Announces new WOMEN + TECH Programming

March 7, 2019

March is Women's History Month so we decided it was the perfect time to launch our new initiative for women in tech. Ladies, are you listening? The Women + Tech Program was created for YOU to support and inspire you as leaders, builders, and influencers of the Atlanta startup community. Our mission is to empower women in tech through a kick-ass network, intentional teaching, and purposeful community because it does take a Village.

Our goal is to make to Atlanta the number one place for “women in tech” (because clearly, it’s not Silicon Valley).

Our Women + Tech Program consists of 4 components:

1. Monthly Meetup - Giving you a Kick-ass Network

We meet the Second Wednesday of the Month at Atlanta Tech Village. It's a great opportunity to network with like-minded people and discuss topics ranging from goal setting to testimonies from bad-ass lady bosses in the Atlanta ecosystem. Casual and real. Join us to meet quality people and have authentic conversations.

2. Workshops - Giving You Intentional Teaching

Keep an eye on our Events page because you won't want to miss this Women + Tech workshop series. Led by our Vice President, Karen Houghton, the workshops are tailored towards women who want to grow in leadership and just all around bad-assery. We do a deep dive into the following topics and provide actionable items for personal and professional growth.

  • You Should Have a Powerful Presence
  • You Should be a Great Communicator
  • You Should be a Goal Setter
  • You Should be a Strong Leader
  • You Should be a #LadyBoss
  • You Should Declare Your Personal Identity Statement

Save the dates!

3. Book Club - Reading to Learn

What you don’t know, you can’t change. Every other month, the Women + Tech program announces a book that you should read. Buy it on your own and get to reading because then we come together to discuss what we thought and how it has impacted us. Join us!

4. The Atlanta Standard - Purposeful Community in your inbox

This is an email you actually want to hit your inbox. The Atlanta Standard is a monthly newsletter that serves as your one stop shop for all things women + tech in Atlanta. It brings together all the amazing organizations and events in our community that exist to support and encourage you. Meet women you should know, books you should read, social media accounts to follow, and how to get connected to it all. Atlanta is setting the standard for women entrepreneurs and THIS is the place to bring it all together.  SIGN UP HERE.

See? There's something for everyone. Purposeful community, intentional teaching, and a kick-ass network. Atlanta Tech Village supports all people in creating business and tech that makes the world a better place.Let's do this, together.

March 7, 2019
Hilton Thompson