"What Would You Say Ya Do Here?"

April 13, 2013

Well, Bobs, the better question might be, what DON'T we do?As Community Managers at Atlanta Tech Village, Karen and I get asked that question a lot, especially by friends and family who don’t quite understand the concept of the Village. Some have said, “So, you’re moderating an online forum?” [not exactly] or “Oh, that’s a job?” [um, yeah, it is.]The foundation of our role is to help build community and run the day-to-day aspects of the Village, which extend from people, to programs, to place. Like at any other startup, especially upon launch, we don’t fit squarely into one category and wear multiple hats (the sombrero is our favorite). We’ve got our hands in sales, marketing, space planning, interior design, member support, programming and more. We live and breathe the Village story and work daily to create an experience that supports and inspires our members to achieve success.Here are our four most important hats (aside from the sombrero):

  • COMMUNICATING the Village vision through social media, website, tours, events.
  • GROWING the community by getting more people involved with the VIllage, as members, as partners, as supporters.
  • CONNECTING the community by bringing people together to share ideas, linking to valuable resources, and making connections to resources outside of the Village.
  • SERVING the community, both inside and outside these walls. We encourage and applaud entrepreneurial support activities happening throughout Atlanta and across the country.
April 13, 2013
Karen Houghton