A Startup Story You Can't Help But Watch

September 8, 2016

Ever wish you could get an inside look at what it's really like to work at a startup? You know- no filter, real conversations, lunch breaks, and f bombs galore? Well, Wela is giving you just that. Not only do they combine digital capability and human advice to simplify your finances, they are now creating content that's so millennial friendly you won't ever picture a finance guy in a suit again. Well, maybe not as often.Think reality tv gone startup- these short youtube mini documentaries follow the Wela team in their day to day life. Super engaging, short episodes, real entrepreneurs, and a startup story you can't help but watch. Titles like "Finance is not f*cking fun" and "Pokemon and Unicorns" feature Liam Shanahan, Director of Marketing and the Wela team. Liam told us more below.

1. What is the big idea behind your video series?

The big idea behind THE CLIMB is to tell the story of what is takes to build a startup. I think people often times see the successes and just think it happens out of thin air, we wanted to simply show some of the work that goes in that's unheralded (in a cool/intriguing way). Beyond that, we wanted to humanize the people behind a company in an industry that hasn't always been looked at in the best light.

2. Who's idea was it and how does it connect to your brand?

This was my idea but the real rockstar of the series is our videographer and editor Marisa Harris-Phang. Simply, we just wanted to put content out there that was REAL. No fluff, just real life stuff showing us building a company, with a group a really passionate, hardworking people that care about our customers.

3. Why is it called "The Climb"?

"THE CLIMB" as in the Climb to success. Constantly working towards building the perfect product for our customers. We definitely want this to be an on going series, week in week out so stay tuned. People can find our whole series on YouTube.We included the first three below just to get you started. Welcome to an Atlanta startup story on youtube - it'll make you feel Wela good.

September 8, 2016
Karen Houghton