The World's First Automated CRM Assistant

March 26, 2014

Voxa is on a mission to reclaim your sales rep's time by logging and associating email tasks to the appropriate places within your CRM. They are a well funded and growing startup in the Village with an incredible team. Check out the interview with Johnson Cook, CEO of Voxa, to learn more.

What is Voxa?Voxa is intelligent integration for e-mail to CRM, natural language task triggers, and actionable analytics from where sales people and knowledge workers spend more time than anywhere else: e-mail. Voxa is the world's first automated CRM assistant.Why did you start Voxa?

David and I have been talking for a long time about how to build the next generation CRM. We were struggling with how to attack the market. CRM has become mainstream and mission critical for every business, yet it is still a giant headache for everyone. We looked at a number of ideas around building a new CRM that automates and simplifies the user expereince when it hit us: we don’t need to replace the CRM to make the experience better.  We just need to connect to companies existing CRM’s with tools that make life easier and add new automation capabilities.

What were you doing before Voxa?

I was running the Atlanta Tech Village and managing Atlanta Ventures investments and accelerators full-time. After selling the company I started in college 11 years ago and taking a year to figure out what was next, working in the center of the Village was the best way to find my next big idea.

Who is the ideal Voxa customer?

Any size company that uses and an obscure communication tool called email.

What traction does Voxa have as of March 2014?

With a working product for just about 30 days, we already have over 30 companies using our product, giving us feedback in exchange for continued use at no charge. We just converted the first of those companies to a paying user.

What does Voxa love most about being in the Village?

The recruiting ammo of the Village has been unbelievable. We have assembled the most badass team any startup could imagine. Every Voxan will admit that being in the Village was a big attraction to joining the team.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

We’re just getting started! Our next release will include Natural Language Processing (NLP) that will trigger custom CRM actions and updates based on what you say in your email. We are working to get sales reps to the point where their CRM is up to date with every living detail about their customer relationships without ever having to open the actual CRM interface.  Imagine that every promised customer follow-up was tracked and completed automatically without every opening an actual task list and never leaving your inbox.

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March 26, 2014
Karen Houghton