The Village's Leadership Development Program

March 29, 2018

We are excited to announce the Village’s new Leadership Development Program. With over 1,000 members in our community, we strive to serve Founders as well as each individual member of a startup team. We strongly believe in growth and constantly becoming better versions of ourselves. There have been many life changing stories that have unfolded from our Mentor and Advisor program for our Founders, and we want to provide this resource to all young professionals in our community.  This new team is made up of 8 incredibly equipped, experienced, and well networked individuals who have a passion to Pay it Forward and Dream Big alongside Villagers.  We are excited to serve the mass portion of our startup community through this program. The goal of the program is to provide young professionals with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally as they step into being the next generation of startup leaders. So who are these amazing individuals going to be?  Drum roll please…

Mandira Mehra (CMO of MRI Software): I am about B2B marketing, mentoring rising leaders and working to bring more women into leadership roles in the tech industry.

Jim Berryhill (CEO at DecisionLink): I’m a first-time entrepreneur after 30+ years leading enterprise software organizations. I’m no technologist, my experience is 100% B2B and sales. I’m insanely focused on seller-to-customer value. I’m a Christian, all about family, love water-skiing and the Gators.

Karen Houghton (VP of the Atlanta Tech Village): I’m a bottom line, people-connecting relationship builder who desires to help others find their purpose, grow professionally, and navigate complex environments. I am a proud mom who is a big supporter of more diversity in tech, skilled communication, and a strong company culture.

Kipp Ramsey (Employee Success Manager at Terminus): I am a relationship-centered individual with a passion for culture and helping people find their ultimate dream job.

Kathryn O’Day (COO at Rigor): An operational guru who is about good culture and talent development who is looking to work with anyone wanting to grow in management, strengthen their company culture, or make their ideas a reality through actionable steps.

John Duisberg (Cofounder of Cooleaf): I have a passion for helping others who are looking to grow their sales for a B2B technology business.

Christian Ross (VP of Sales at Village Realty):  A servant leader who believes in strong culture, continuous learning and helping others build community and businesses.

Carlo Martinez (CEO of Steppingblocks): An ed-tech innovator who desires to help people find their path through transformational technology.If you are a member of the Atlanta Tech Village community, a manager or team lead, and looking for a way to develop and meet goals with accountability, the Leadership Development Program is your answer.  

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.  -Benjamin Franklin
March 29, 2018
Kelly Anne O'Neill