Top 10 List of Coolest Apps in the Village

April 13, 2016

Part of being in the Village means I get a first look at a lot of awesome apps. From beta testing to true launches, if a startup in the Village is creating a new app- chances are I have it on my phone. So here is my completely biased Top 10 list of coolest apps in the Village. You're welcome.

1. skoozi

Skoozi gives you the ability to reach the stars... the ones in Hollywood that is. Ever wondered what would it be like to have your idol wish you a Happy Birthday or what it would be like to talk to your favorite celebrity? Now you can! This app allows you to request a live, personal, one-on-one video chat with your favorite Star... for a fee of course. What questions will you ask? What stories will you tell each other? Bachelorette parties will never be the same.

2. incubate

Let's be honest, our social media walls are becoming the digital versions of that old box of pictures in the attic - where memories go to die. With Incubate you can re-remember the good times by sending memories to family and friends to exact dates in the future. Think special messages from your wedding day sent on your 10th anniversary, or a soldier scheduling messages to his wife while he is on duty overseas in case he missed important dates. It's pretty perfect.

3. Yik Yak

Yes, these guys already graduated from the Village. But I was one of Yik Yak's first users and they are active alumni so I can still claim them. I may not be a college student, but this anonymous social app still contains a lot of clever wit and inside looks at college communities. My favorite? The "Positive Yak Zone" where folks from all over the world can share and get good vibes.

4. Privet

Privet is also a social anonymous platform. They are a lot like Yik Yak except their target audience, branding, and content is meant for adults. Privet encourages their users to be real, open, and honest, and I can actually relate to a lot of the content users post - think marriage and parenting advice. It tends to run cleaner and less offensive than Yik Yak which is also great for my uptight adult sensibilities.

5. Flippy

The other day I thought- "Wouldn't it be super fun if I could star in famous clips? Say become Taylor Swift in Shake It Off?" (don't judge me). Luckily, the guys at Meograph had me covered with their new app, Flippy. Silly yet oh so fun, you can film your face onto the body of a celebrity in their music video. Sing along, save it, and send it to your friends for some laughs.

6. FitRadio

There is a reason these guys are rated the #1 music workout music app.  They have the BEST workout music that you can select by genre, workout type, or BPM. Seriously, I feel like having FitRadio just makes me cooler. They have hundreds of quality DJ mixes designed to fuel your workout and new playlists and mixes are added daily. If you are going to work out, you need some good music to jam out to. Or at least I do.

7. Uproar

Ever had one of those friends who just always know something cool to do and where to go?  Well, now that can be you. (cue popularity points) Uproar shows you the hot events in your area. Traveling soon? Choose from nearly 100 different cities to plan what to do when you get there! They have different categories for you to choose from- yoga events, concerts, bars and clubs. Uproar gives you a new way to discover events.

8. The Memory Kit

This one will tug on your heart strings. It is an app that helps store and share memories for those affected by Alzheimers and dementia. I LOVE this. The Memory Kit operates as an archive, photo album, campfire story, recipe book, art gallery, soundtrack and even laugh-track of a friend or family member―created by and shared with all of the people who love them. Told you- heart strings.

9. BeeTold

Have a last minute decision you really want your friends to weigh in on? Send them a quick link and let them all weigh in anonymously. Let them help you pick the best outfit for a night out, or find out who your friends are voting for in the next election with BeeTold. And yes, you can also use it to poll colleagues or team members for more important endeavors. It's easy to use and slightly addictive. Consider yourself warned.

10. Farrago Comics

My knowledge of comic books mostly comes from watching The Big Bang Theory, but even I can appreciate an app that provides great comic books and graphic novels from top creators and publishers – for free to the masses. There are tens of millions of you who will love to spend hours lost in comics and discover new stories; and Farrago Comics has made that easy to do without any barriers. Let "comic book freedom" ring!So there you have it. My totally biased list of Top Ten coolest apps at the Village. Now go have some fun.

April 13, 2016
Karen Houghton