The Village Leader Board- Yes, we have one.

February 24, 2016

The Village leader board? Yes, we have one. And it's more obvious than you may realize. While we have the community value of "Be Nice", there is certainly plenty of competitive swagger in the Village. If you are a startup, you are fighting hard to win and any recognition for that hard earned growth is always celebrated.The Village is located on the north side of Atlanta in the heart of Buckhead, right at the corner of Lenox and Piedmont. If all that doesn't mean much to you, here's what you need to know- it's a high traffic, prime real estate kind of spot. And right there on the corner of that busy intersection, we have a large monument sign. That monument lists 6 companies.And that my friends, is the Village leader board. Want to know who the 6 largest startups in the Village are? Check out that sign. You can't pay to be on it, you earn it. And we update it every quarter. We even update the order the companies are listed in. And trust me, moving up or down that line really triggers that competitive startup spirit. After all, not a lot of startups get that kind of brand placement.So next time you drive by the Village, check out our leader board. Those startups are going places, fast.

Atlanta Tech Village
February 24, 2016
Karen Houghton