The Village Graduates 3 Startups

June 7, 2018

“So, what happens when a company outgrows the Village?” This may be the most frequently asked question on a Village tour and the answer is definitely the most exciting - graduation!Graduation is the ultimate achievement as a Villager. We start the celebratory process when a startup has about 40 members and is continuing to grow. At this point, a startup begins to outgrow our space and isn’t as reliant on our resources. This year, we have already had 3 graduates, which is a huge deal considering 9/10 startups are estimated to fail. Being a part of the Village gives a startup the best chance for success and if all goes well, the end goal of being a Villager is to graduate.  2018 has been a year of celebration for three awesome graduates: Calendly, Mobile Labs, and Trust Stamp. How do we celebrate?  With a big ole’ Startup Chowdown. Why wouldn’t you celebrate with 300+ members of the Village family?Graduations are bittersweet celebrations, for the Village team. We truly feel a part of each startups’ story, as we exist for them to succeed.  When startups graduate, they have achieved ultimate success at the Village and we have served our purpose! Our graduates tend to stay local, so the connection is not lost. Calendly and Trust Stamp have established their new digs in midtown while Mobile Labs is right down the street in Buckhead.

Mobile Labs: CEO, Dan McFall and his team of 40, provide enterprise-grade, next-generation mobile application testing tools with a focus on security, agility, and affordability. With 100+ enterprise customers and a $10.5MM Series A raise, they are kickin’ a$$ and taking names.

Calendly: Tope Awotona is the Founder of this beautiful, simple scheduling tool that in less than 5 years, has served close to 30 million people worldwide and is currently growing 100% year over year. Tope and his team of 50+ are headed one direction, and I promise you it’s not down.

Trust Stamp: Founders, Gareth Genner and Andrew Gowasack created multiple AIs that answer two questions: who are you and should we trust you? With offices in four countries, around 40 employees, and 150 million users, I’d say these guys are killin’ it! Oh, and I forgot to mention the 4.5 million in funding =). So, we raise a glass to you three today for being great members of the Village family and for chasing your biggest dreams!  May you always work hard and play hard, may you remember to pay it forward and always be kind. We are behind you 100% and you will always be part of this family.

June 7, 2018
Kelly Anne O'Neill