The Most Connected Startups in Atlanta

August 30, 2018

Atlanta: incubator and growth cultivator

With its affordable cost of living, warm weather and spirit of community, it’s no surprise that Atlanta is a desirable place to work and live. Well-established brands such as UPS, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines all hail from Atlanta, but it is also home to a number of tech-oriented and engineering schools which has helped feed a growing tech movement of innovators and entrepreneurs.Boasting the 4th largest technology startup hub in the country, Atlanta Tech Village, the city's burgeoning tech community has produced successful startups such as MailChimp, FullStory and SalesLoft. While it might not be the top tech destination in the US (yet), it is certainly gaining momentum. In 2017, Atlanta made #3 on the list of the top tech cities to watch.

Startups and technology companies

Innovation in any field, but especially in technology, depends on ideas. Research in the fields of relationship intelligence and network science has shown repeatedly, that the best, most innovative ideas come from outside of a local network as someone is able to make connections between fields and create a new way of tackling a challenge.Technology companies need to continually invent, and reinvent, in order to keep on the forefront of their fields. As industries shift and change, technology leaders need to be on the forefront of the deals and alliances that are being made.Each of these criteria favors the technology companies that are ‘most connected’. Those that have invested in building and maintaining the relationships they will need with other innovation leaders and alliance partners will be best positioned to win as the market moves forward.Check out the 50 Most Connected Technology Companies in Atlanta. 15 of these amazing startups have called the Village home including Calendly, SalesLoft, and Terminus.

What is Most Connected?

Most Connected is a resource that showcases the most networked companies in a region. According to Harvard Business Review, in today’s business environment, relationships are the key factor in what makes a successful brand. And now, relationship intelligence solutions can identify which companies have the strongest sets of relationships. is showcasing the companies that are most set up for success based on the strong networks of their employees.Companies are ranked on a number of factors including how many relationships their employees have, how strong those relationships are, and how many companies those relationships stretch across. For more detail on how Nudge measures and analyzes relationships, see here.Want to see that list again?Original blog written by Heather Durante, Director of Marketing at Nudge is a Modern Sales Platform that leverages relationship strength to help you find and keep your best customers.

August 30, 2018
Kelly Anne O'Neill