Terminus- A Startup to Watch in 2016

February 10, 2016

Terminus, an account based marketing company, is listed as one of the hottest startups to watch in 2016, and we have been lucky enough to have front row seats to their spectacular growth since day one. Along side some impressive scaling over the last year is a dynamic and talented team led by Founders Eric Spett (CEO), Eric Vass (CTO), and Sangram Vajre (CMO). Some startups are just full of charisma and the Terminus team is one of them. Vibrant, scrappy, and always ready to have some fun, folks at Terminus are some of the first ones in the Village and the last ones to leave. They know how to hustle, and I am pretty positive that hustle is going to bring them all the way to the top.  So world, meet Terminus through the eyes of CEO, Eric Spett.

What does Terminus actually do?

Terminus is the first self-serve platform that enables B2B marketers to do account-based marketing (ABM) at scale. Our platform makes it simple to target best-fit accounts, engage the right decision makers across digital channels like mobile, social, video, and display, and help companies close more deals while accelerating pipeline velocity.

With all of the marketing technology readily available (such as CRM systems like Salesforce and marketing automation systems like Pardot) B2B marketing and sales professionals can laser focus on their best-fit customers. Terminus enables marketers to use data contained in these platforms to target accounts proactively with digital advertising. The result of this advertising is a halo effect that accelerates pipeline velocity and efficiency.

Who is your ideal customer?

Marketers at B2B companies with 50-5,000 employees that use Salesforce for a CRM and any popular marketing automation platform such as Pardot, Marketo or HubSpot.

How has your team grown and scaled in the past year?

2015 was an incredible year for Terminus. We went from no customers and no revenue to more than 90 customers and over $1,000,000 in recurring revenue. We also started 2015 with three employees and now have 25 full-time Terminators, plus we’re actively hiring.

What is the secret sauce to your success?

Definitely our “Terminators”. We’ve got an incredible team at Terminus. My co-founders Eric Vass (CTO) and Sangram Vajre (CMO) are amazing people and so is the rest of the team. Just check out a few photos from our recent shoot here at the Atlanta Tech Village below.

Any words of wisdom for other startups?

You will fail and need to be able to pick yourself back up.

My first startup lasted three years and was a complete failure. I pretty much destroyed myself in the process. It took over a year for me to recover. Failure is something that I now respect because it shows you tried. I look for this passion when hiring, especially hiring for leadership and executives.

How does Terminus define success?

Happy customers and happy employees. We work hard to help our customers become heroes in their respective organizations. As a CEO, I also want to make sure our employees have a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth. People are the most important thing to us.

[caption id="attachment_9849" align="alignnone" width="677"]


CMO, Sangram Vajre and Engineer, Brandon Cummings.[/caption][caption id="attachment_9855" align="alignnone" width="677"]

Eric Spett- the fearless leader of Terminus

Terminus's fearless leader and CEO, Eric Spett. The cape looks good on him, right?[/caption][caption id="attachment_9850" align="alignnone" width="677"]


Terminus, where work is fun.[/caption][caption id="attachment_9853" align="alignnone" width="678"]


The Terminus Team[/caption]

February 10, 2016
Karen Houghton