SaaS Capital of the South

March 15, 2018
99% of entrepreneurs don’t ask for what they want. Want something? Go ask someone for it. You only get if you ask. - Founder of Atlanta Ventures, David Cummings

Do you have a SaaS startup and live in the southeast? Then the Village should be your home.  Why? Because the man who has successfully launched more than 6 companies that each have over a million dollars in recurring revenue, has $20 million that he wants to invest in SaaS companies. His goal? To make Atlanta Ventures the SaaS capital of the Southeast and to create 25,000 jobs in 10 years. Founder, David Cummings and his team of 6 are searching for hustlers, hackers, and hipsters, who are interested in being SaaS founders.  Atlanta Ventures is revitalized and running full steam ahead. Through content, capital, and community, they exist to serve entrepreneurs. "We're only doing things that help entrepreneurs succeed!" Jacey Lucus, AV Marketing Lead. AV plans to play a vital role in a startup’s story and has created and will continue to create different tools and resources to encourage entrepreneurs’ success.  The content is created by the entire AV team and is made up of how to’s as well as personal stories of AV entrepreneurs.  Most recently, was launched.  This tool helps entrepreneurs define their success by staying focused on the most important things to reach goals and stay on track.  The best thing about this and future tools? They are free! Whether you have an idea, are looking at product market fit, or are ready to scale, Atlanta Ventures wants to come alongside. The AV team is seeking about 13 companies, specifically 1-2 this year, who are in pre-seed, seed, or looking to raise a Series A.  And Community? It’s a must.  The Ventures team hosts monthly Simply SaaS meetups and quarterly forums, in the Atlanta Tech Village Event Center, to encourage and cultivate rich community.  The best in the industry will be leading these discussions because they believe in what is going on in the southeast and they simply want to pay it forward. We are all eagerly waiting to see what AV’s next move will be and if you don’t live in Atlanta, that shouldn’t stop you from being involved with all the Ventures team has to offer.  This AV team is intentional and on a mission to walk alongside of entrepreneurs with a promising idea, all you need to do is ask.

March 15, 2018
Kelly Anne O'Neill