Recruiting Through The Village Job Board

September 28, 2016

Atlanta Tech Village is one of the top startup hubs and a resource-rich community for startups. Amenities abound including cool office space, mentors, pitch events, free beer, nap rooms, and workshops just to name a few. All of these perks help recruit talent by creating a place where people want to work. Yet, over and over again we hear that the Atlanta Tech Village Job Board is actually the #1 benefit for startups hiring.Recruiting top talent is a huge win for any startup, and our Job Board creates a central place where the Village's hottest startups can list job opportunities and talent can easily apply. At any given time we have at least 50 positions advertised to work with one of our 300 companies.

Our Founder David Cummings has shared three ways the Village Job Board creates value for our entrepreneurs:

  • Recruiting talented people that fit the values is the most important thing an entrepreneur does, so increasing the pool of quality applicants is invaluable.
  • Costs for recruiters to place candidates can easy run 20-30% of the first-year salary, thus finding one $100k/year team member through the job board can cover the cost of office space for the whole year.
  • Job boards are everywhere, thereby making it hard for startups to standout while the Village job board helps self-select people that are actively looking to work at a startup.

And you can hear the experience first hand from some of our startups:

"As a scrappy startup, Rigor is looking for high-traffic, cost-effective ways to promote open positions. The ATV job board nails it. We get high quality candidates who are passionate about startups and "get" the hustling, self-starting culture. Also the Atlanta Tech Village is known nationally so we maximize our reach."

--Kathryn O'Day, COO, Rigor

"Promoting our open positions on the Atlanta Tech Village job board was crucial in our early days. It widened our reach and gave candidates the reassurance that they'd have a vibrant, exciting place to come to work every day."

-- Claire Suellentrop, Director of Marketing, Calendly

"Being able to be a part of the Atlanta Tech Village job board has been a huge benefit to Terminus. Keeping our culture intact is always at the forefront of our minds, so when we get individuals that come from the ATV job board, we already know they share some of our same core values."

-- Kipp Ramsey, Employee Success Manager, Terminus

"Our last 3 positions were filled through the Atlanta Tech Village job board. The world of recruiting is quickly changing. Gone are the days where we can rely on the large job boards. We just don't have the time to sift through hundreds of resumes from unqualified applicants. Today, we rely on social networking sites and smaller, specialized job boards. ATV's job board is that specialized place to go for "Tech-Focused" individuals in Atlanta!"

-- Dawn Crawford, Director of People, IO Education

"We receive more qualified applicants through the Atlanta Tech Village job board that make it through the interview process than any other source.  These candidates understand the nature of a startup culture and are eager to be a part of the company’s success.  The ATV job board is my first resource to finding our next great hire."

--Danielle Sandler, Talent and Operations Manager, CalendlyAll entrepreneurs in the Village should list their job openings on the Atlanta Tech Village Job Board and if you are a qualified job-seekers looking to get in with a startup, THIS is the place to go.Startups are hiring, and they are looking for YOU. Join us!

September 28, 2016
Karen Houghton