A Deceptively Simple Way to Get Things Done

October 5, 2017

We all want to get things done, but a lack of movement forward can literally be the death of an entrepreneur's business sooner rather than later. For three decades Charlie Paparelli, Village Mentor and angel investor, has encouraged Founders to use the “Next-Step Methodology.” He believes it is the best way to build value without wasting time and money.These clearly defined steps can help entrepreneurs maintain their momentum and are deceptively simple:

  1. Define your next milestone.
  2. Itemize the tasks leading to the achievement of the milestone.
  3. Admit to yourself you can only focus on one task at a time with excellence.
  4. Decide on the task which keeps the momentum toward the milestone.
  5. Do this next step until it is completed.

This Next-Step Methodology works. We’ve seen it work. Successful launches of sustainable companies follow it. It is simple and can be practiced daily. Focus on the next step and boost your momentum which attracts employees, customers and money. Give it a try and let us know what you think.Charlie Paparelli is a successful entrepreneur, professional general manager, and Mentor at Atlanta Tech Village. He is a respected angel investor for over 20 years. He founded and leads the Angel Lounge for angel investors. Get Charlie’s free ebook, “10 Keys to Successful Entrepreneuring” by subscribing to his twice weekly blog.

October 5, 2017
Karen Houghton