Mission: Possible - Creating Shared Purpose

March 22, 2013

As community builders here at Atlanta Tech Village, we’re working hard to connect a ton of individual pieces that together form a net that supports a thriving, awesome community. We are working eight, ten, sometimes twelve hours a day on all of those pieces. Sometimes we even stress over little decisions like “should this chair in the lobby be turned slightly inward or will that make people not want to sit in it?” or “what is the best paint color to incite happiness and productivity from those sitting beneath its glow?”There has to be a purpose behind ruminating over decisions that on the surface seem trivial but are important in the context of our larger mission. So what’s our mission, our purpose? Why are we so deliriously happy to invest so many hours into creating this thing?Mark Bonchek, blogging for the Harvard Business Review, tells us that purpose is not achieved for our customers, it is achieved with our customers: “customers are not just consumers; they’re co-creators. They aren’t just passive members of an audience; they are active members of a community.” This couldn’t be more true for Atlanta Tech Village! Our customers are our community and our purpose is a shared purpose. [Quick song break: Everything I doooo, I doooo it for youuuu.]

ATV's mission is to support and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas and capital. Together, we will fuel Atlanta's rise to a top five tech startup center in the U.S.

Our purpose- to create a place for serendipitous interactions, to bring together resources, and give entrepreneurs everything they need to create, grow, and sustain a business in Atlanta- only happens with our community members’ participation. The community doesn’t belong to Atlanta Tech Village, Atlanta Tech Village belongs to the community. When we're all in it together, things that seem impossible, like balancing one-legged on a stool bouncing a ping pong ball, become possible.

March 22, 2013
Karen Houghton