The Mission of Atlanta Tech Village

August 29, 2017

Atlanta Tech Village is the 4th largest tech hub in America. We provide an amenity rich 103,000 square foot building designed to connect, inspire, and support over 1,000 entrepreneurs as they seek to change the world through technology.We are startups' biggest fans. Here's how it all comes together:

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that provides faster connections to ideas, talent, and capital.

Our Goals

We have two overarching goals:

  1. To help Atlanta become a Top 5 tech startup city.
  2. To help create 10,000 jobs in our first 10 years.

Our Approach

Our approach is relationship driven with sincere care and investment in helping our startups succeed. We lead with community (it's not about the office space). We celebrate each other's successes and operate as a double bottom line business balancing profit with community mindedness.

Village Values

Our 4 core values are: Be nice. Dream big. Work hard, play hard. Pay it forward. At the Village, your culture fit is just as important as your business plan. Startups are hard enough and having a supportive and collaborative community around you can make all the difference.

Our Brand Promise

The Atlanta Tech Village increases an entrepreneur's chance of success. We are the best place to build and grow a tech startup.

Why We Are Different

Unlike coworking or traditional office space, we are an amenity rich community focused on providing the resources and flexibility needed for startups with proprietary technology to grow, scale, and succeed. This means things we provide things like Mentors, Advisors, Pitch Practice, workshops, enterprise partners, access to VCs, free cloud storage, talent recruitment, nap rooms, free lunches, fitness classes, fully furnished offices, crazy fast internet, and more. Everything we do is intentionally designed to help support startups and their teams as they grow, and unlike an accelerator we provide this without an imposed deadline and without any equity exchange.As far as tech hubs go, our density and size are a huge (pun intended) differentiator. It provides more community, more ideas, more at bats, more collaboration, and more successes. As the Kauffman Foundation has reported, "The effect of entrepreneurial density can be dramatic: when talented makers and innovators interact regularly, new successful ventures are likely to emerge."

Village Stats

Let's get into some numbers, shall we?

  • 300+ startups currently call the Village home
  • 450+ events are hosted each year
  • $400+ million capital has been raised by our startups to date (since 2013)
  • 3,400 jobs have been created (since 2013)
  • 7 startups have graduated by outgrowing our space with teams of 50+ including Bitpay, Salesloft, and Terminus

We are proud to be a part of the vibrant, growing, and collaborative Atlanta community and invite all entrepreneurs, startups, talented folks, collaborators, and strategic partners to consider joining the Atlanta Tech Village family. Get involved.Together, we can create great things.

August 29, 2017
Karen Houghton