Jeff Hilimire- Member of the Month (VIDEO)

March 21, 2014
Villager of the Month

As a community, Atlanta Tech Village is only as great as the sum of our parts. Lucky for us, we have some pretty amazing people within these walls. Member of the Month gives us an opportunity to introduce you to folks who are working on some incredible things, have become an integral part of our community, and demonstrated our values in a tangible way.Dragon Army is an awesome mobile game studio located in the Village and their fearless leader is Jeff Hilimire. Creating apps like Nibblr where you get the best internet of the day to your phone or their newest game, Robots Love Ice Cream, Jeff and his team are an incredible addition to the Village community. Jeff's take on startups represents an interesting story and a strong barometer for his core values which, we think, help make him successful. He has asked people that wanted to meet with him for advice to give an hour of their time to a non-profit, and his blog has been listed as one of the 9 Best Startup Blogs by David Cummings. We have to agree.World, meet our member of the month- Jeff Hilimire.

March 21, 2014
Karen Houghton