Introducing Startup A/V at the Village

May 2, 2018

The power of audio or video marketing has become very well-known over the past year or two. Startups and small businesses are seeing that, in order to compete with larger organizations, they need to create and publish really good content in forms other than writing and graphics. Creating a podcast has become much less expensive over the years; however, one still has to get good quality microphones and some decent software to clean up the audio. Video is just plain expensive, from the camera to the lighting to the sound to the editing. Startups and small businesses either cannot afford all this equipment or can’t afford to pay someone else to bring in all the equipment.

Introducing Startup A/V

That’s all about to change, specifically for members of Atlanta Tech Village. We are happy to announce Startup A/V. The brain child of Villagers Kevin Sandlin and James Scott, the idea stemmed from Kevin's experience creating his Pitch Practice podcast and his ongoing desire to create more video content. In partnership with Kevin, James, and the Village Team, Startup A/V will offer Village members “recording studio by the hour.” If you prefer “studio as a service”, we’re ok with that, but SaaS is kinda taken.

No gear required

Atlanta Tech Village members will be able to reserve a half hour or one hour spot in a studio pre-equipped with high-quality audio and video equipment, lighting, and background. You can make a talking head video on a green screen, record a conversation or interview, or record a professional podcast using equipment provided in the room studio. Actually, you can record anything you want, within reason (and the ATV manifesto).  Here’s how it’ll work.

  1. Reserve your session (using Calendly, of course)
  2. Show up (Suite 218, near the “pointy corner”)
  3. record audio or video (or both!)
  4. Leave (in a good way)

A few minutes later you will get a notification to download your video or audio file.

Simple Audio or Video Recording Service

For now, we will not provide any post editing services. We will offer up a list of service providers, recommendations for creating your intros, outtros, filters, background, etc., but every time you visit and use the studio you’ll leave with a high quality audio and/or video file.We will be opening the doors in late May. Enter your email at and we will let you know as soon as scheduling is open.Got questions? Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram at @startup_av.

May 2, 2018
Karen Houghton