Introducing Klubs from Usit

August 19, 2020

In true startup fashion, Village Startup, Usit, has pivoted, turned around and even backflipped to bring new, exciting things to entertain kids stuck at home during this global pandemic.  

I've learned more this year (pivoting Usit many times in different ways) than any other year. The pandemic has brought new problems (that will last beyond COVID), which is really interesting because a lot of new solutions, especially for kids and parents working from home are in the making.

    - Ifrah Kahn, Usit Founder

Usit has created a new way for kids to still do after school activities in the times of COVID. Introducing Klubs, a live, fun, and virtual way to get your kids moving and socializing after a full day of virtual school. These classes are for kids ages 7 to 13, led by talented college students from around the world.

With no more than 5 kids in each klub, your children are sure to get some quality time with the instructor while they get creative.  From Tik Tok masterklubs to Creative Writing and Social Justice classes, there is something for every kid, no matter what their interests . Each one hour class is $30 with them ranging from 8 - 12 sessions long.

How klubs work


We’ve got lots of extraordinary klubs that fit your child’s passions. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Get Ready for the Fun

You'll be sent college counselor details, a video link, and a supply list for the klub.

Join the Klub

A live and immersive experience for your child, while you get some time for yourself.

COVID came in March, and the same week, we pivoted Usit to Virtual Summer Camps and now what is called Klubs. I had to think fast, be creative, and work with limited resources. This pandemic definitely is a test for founders in how agile and flexible they can really be.

    - Ifrah Kahn, Usit Founder

So if you're a parent, sign your kids up for a little something extra to help them flex that creative muscle and get out all that energy they would normally get out in the classroom.  And if you're a startup founder, take this lesson and run with it. Pivot and keep pivoting until you find what people need during these crazy times.

August 19, 2020
Hilton Thompson