Intentional Community

March 10, 2013

Our roles and the communities we are a part of shape our identity: entrepreneur, son, daughter, leader, friend, board member, church goer. Some connections are made by default, and some are created intentionally. The most meaningful interactions can often happen by chance; you attend a conference and the best conversation happens with someone sitting next to you on the  flight or an acquaintance ends up connecting you with someone who profoundly affects your career trajectory. These connections don’t happen in isolation.So if those serendipitous interactions are the most profound, why not create a community that intentionally encourages them?As Seth Godin stipulates, if the best conversations happen in hallways, make more and bigger hallways. Our hope is that the Village becomes an avenue for growth, encouragement, and a place where intentional community is fostered; a place where creativity is sparked, mentorships are initiated, and resources are abundant. We know the value of our community is found in the sum of its parts.

Our members are the heroes in our story and the Village is the platform for them to create and reshape their identity- as companies, entrepreneurs, and as people. Intentional community is our special sauce and we invite you to be a part of it.

March 10, 2013
Karen Houghton