Growing a Village- Halfway There!

April 17, 2014

This week was a big week at Atlanta Tech Village. We are officially a little more than halfway through the $10 million renovation of our 103,000 square foot building. Renovations are as tough as they are exciting. The Village team is learning as we go, just like every other startup, and our amazing community has grown and learned with us. For that, we are thankful! Our halfway point calls for a quick update. Here's how the Village is growing! As of today, we have 183 startups and 544 members. We are getting ready to graduate our 2nd company who has successfully outgrown our space (over 25 people), have 100% pre-sold our 5th floor that is opening the first week in June, and already begun pre-selling our 3rd and final floor that will open in September. Being one of the top 10 largest tech communities in the US is helping to pull together startups already in Atlanta and attracting even more of them to our city. We have put on two Startup + Student Connections attracting over 350 students from local universities looking for internships. We are hosting an average of two events a day in our event space ranging from meet-ups, panel discussions, product launches and lunch and learns. The Iron Yard began their first coding cohort in the Village that puts 30 students training to be engineers in our space every 3 months. Atlanta Startup Village continues to be the largest monthly gathering for startups in our city averaging 350+ in attendance, and our weekly community lunches at the Village have become a much loved tradition- Startup Chowdown. Octane Coffee had their soft opening for members this week with their grand opening scheduled for early May. Our member tours are growing to over 30+ people each tour. Our community center is open, finishing touches on our completed spaces have begun, and we even have a 2nd nap room in the works. It is an exciting time to see our building transform. To our members, sponsors, partners and friends- thank you for being a part of this adventure! Soon to come- outdoor patio, rooftop, showers, gym, club room and two more floors. Here are some photos from just this past week-

new lobby
VIP Tour
community space
David Cummings and Mayor Kasim Reed
Village Verified
April 17, 2014
Karen Houghton