FitRadio- Change Your Workout Forever

January 15, 2015

With FitRadio, manually putting together upbeat playlists for the gym is now a thing of the past. Created by a group of talented DJs and developers, FitRadio is the only fitness app that provides you with non-stop, high energy music of all genres designed to motivate your workout. Dubbed the "Pandora for gym rats" by Mashable, they have been featured in in SELF Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Women's Running, Health, P90x and more.These guys are simply some of the coolest folks in the Village, and we love having them in our community. It's great to have another strong B2C player calling Atlanta home. Check out my interview with them below, and if you haven't downloaded FitRadio yet, you should. Seriously.

What is FitRadio?

FIT Radio is the only workout music app that streams DJ engineered music of all genres mixed by more than 100 DJs. We provide users with music that is meticulously arranged and professionally curated by masters of motivation in order to amp our listeners' workouts.We bring a human element to the streaming music world and give users more than just an algorithm, because individuals on treadmills need much more than rotating songs with somewhat similar BPMs. They need something only professional DJs can give them: Non-stop musical energy that pushes the listener beyond his or her goals.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Firstly, it takes significant effort and time to search for and download music mixes fit for a workout. The toilsome tasks of selecting individual songs via iTunes and transferring them to a mobile device are becoming more and more obsolete in our app-happy age.Therefore, other streaming music apps have emerged, yet they only play one song at a time with rough, twitchy transitions from one tune to another; most importantly, though, such apps do not allow the user any control over BPMs (beats per minute).By creating thousands of unique DJ-engineered mixes that span multiple genres, FIT Radio aims to solve problems associated with consistent BPMs, transitions, and ease of use that continue to be problematic with other music apps and providers.

Who is your ideal customer?

We target the profitable and continuously growing market of fitness enthusiasts who enjoy high-energy, club-inspired music. These consumers spend billions of dollars every year on performance-enhancing products including clothes, shoes, music players, and accessories that will increase their workout performances and make fitness more enjoyable. In addition to targeting fitness enthusiasts, FIT Radio appeals to emerging 18 to 45-year-old devotees and participants of music, technology, and social media. The app is for individuals looking for enjoyable, non-stop, high-energy music, because they are able to acquire seamless mixes and playlists without wasting time, money, or energy.

What traction do you have?

We have acquired over one million registered users and we are growing by an average of 2,000 new users per day. After two years of concentrating primarily on development and refining the product, we shifted our main focus to user growth this past year. We have mostly promoted the app via Facebook ads, word-of-mouth, and by providing music at multiple fitness events in Atlanta and around the country. Such events include Warrior Dash, The Color Run, Electric Run, Shape Diva Dash, and more. Through these grass root efforts that have targeted fitness enthusiasts, we have seen an exponential growth of registered users, especially in 2014.We have also signed a deal with Mood Media, the international in-store music provider of legally licensed music and entertainment for businesses. This partnership now enables businesses—most notably gyms and fitness centers—to play FIT Radio in their establishments.

How can we get involved?

Download the app or visit our website at! We have over 25 stations, and we add new mixes daily. The app is perfect for the gym and/or keeping you energized here at the village! If you really want to get involved, after downloading the app, simply Push Play and Go!

What do you love most about being in the Village?

We love the energy, people, and space of the Village. It's great to be apart of such a thriving community full of hard working individuals! Seeing so many companies thriving in such a non-traditional friendly space motivates us to keep moving forward. What we love most, though, is the fun environment. Nobody on the FIT Radio team feels like we are coming to "work." Instead, we all feel that everyday is a collaborative opportunity to work together in such a cool spot. Plus, we love all the beer, I mean, coffee!

Any words of wisdom?

Concerning imperative words of wisdom, [insert yet another shameless plug to download the FIT Radio app here]. On a serious note, our solution-oriented mantra has always been:Never take “No” for an answer. We have been through hundreds of development setbacks over the last few years, and if we took “No” for an answer, there’s no way we would be where we are now.Additionally, while we have a blast working together, we are never satisfied. When, for example, we reached the coveted one million registered user mark, we all looked around and told each other “Nice work, guys.” There were no champagne bottles popping or confetti falling from the sky. We took pride in our achievement, and then, we simply got back to work.Our entire team takes ownership in our company and we give FIT Radio our all every single day.

Anything else you would like us to know?

We are ALWAYS looking for talented developers and strategic partners. Please feel free to reach out to us any time!Lastly, we are honored to conduct our company as a part of Atlanta Tech Village, a vibrant community of fellow businesses and individuals. Thank you for having us!

January 15, 2015
Karen Houghton