Curricula - Disrupting Cyber Security Awareness

October 6, 2015

With the Internet of Things growing exponentially every day, we need to acknowledge the Security of Things. Hackers are using more and more advanced techniques and we need to learn how to protect ourselves against these emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Luckily, we have a lot of really innovative companies helping protect against and bring awareness to these cyber security risks. With October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month it's the perfect time to introduce you to Village startup- Curricula. Check out the interview with Founder, Nick Santora below.

What is Curricula?

Curricula is a cyber security company focused on improving the design, management, and delivery, of security awareness training for organizations of all sizes. Aware campaigns are delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription using highly focused and thoughtfully designed content, teaching challenging cyber security concepts. Curricula’s core values focus on design, education, technology, and expertise.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Every year you go through some type of training at your company, whether it be safety, HR, corporate, compliance, you name it. Typically this training is commonly delivered in a “Death By PowerPoint” format. We’ve all experienced it, you sit there and click next, next, next, on a bunch of slides until you finally get a little checkbox that says “completed.” Security Training is no different and the content is usually copied and pasted from somewhere on the Internet.The problem is that no one is actually learning anything! But in reality, user security awareness is one of the highest risks to an organization when it comes to cyber security protections. So we are here to help organizations solve that problem by offering a turnkey service using our innovative approach to security awareness training.

What Makes Curricula Different?

We care about the effectiveness of our education.  Curricula is changing the industry by delivering our education in a story based learning environment. Our creative team is unreal. They have worked on projects with Disney, Nike, and other Fortune 500 companies on experience design, user experience, and brand awareness. So we take that expertise and bring cyber security education to life with an experience that is unforgettable.

Who can benefit from using Curricula?

We work heavily with our NERC CIP customers to help them with their transition to CIP compliance. But with Curricula Aware, we are now able to offer our education to businesses across a variety of different markets. Whether you are a small business that needs to educate your staff on current cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, or a large corporation looking for high production value cyber security education, we can help!

What do you love most about being in the Village?

The energy of this community is amazing. Every day I come in, I see motivated and energized people, which is what makes startups thrive. Everyone is here to make a difference and it is contagious. I’m a strong believer that surrounding yourself with success will ultimately make yourself become successful. If you are a startup, this is the place to be.

Any words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs?

Always ask yourself first “What is the problem I am trying to solve?” Define the problem, then spend a lot of time identifying and understanding the problem. If you start with looking for an answer right away, that’s an easy way to fail. Start by truly understanding the problem even better than your target audience.

To learn more about Curricula and get your hands on a demo of Curricula Aware check us out at

Founder of Curricula- Nick Santora.
October 6, 2015
Karen Houghton