Celebrating Village Successes - IO Education Graduates

August 4, 2016

What makes an Atlanta Tech Village graduation? How does a startup join the alumni ranks with Bitpay,insightpool,yik yak, clockwiseMD, and SalesLoft? Well, growing from $1M ARR to $20M ARR in a year and a half certainly helps. IO Education began with a startup team of 5 people who joined the Village in November of 2014. They were working on building an ed tech data driven platform. A year and half later their software is in 5,136 schools, they support over five million students, and are achieving 5,000,000 monthly parent & student logins. They have acquired two companies and grown to a team of almost 100!That's something to celebrate, right? And we did. Champagne toasts, a community of 300+ people, and of course cupcakes.Every startup has it's own culture and story. IO Education is one that has flown under the radar but should not be overlooked. They are a team of quiet consistency, humble successes, and a leadership team of kind, smart, good people who are making big changes in our education system. We already miss having the IO Education team in our community.So what do they do? IO Education is on a mission to empower educators through data to improve education outcomes for every school in the U.S. They believe students will succeed when educators can identify and target individual learning needs and deliver a personalized success plan for each student. So they use data to improve those outcomes, and school districts are signing on like crazy. CEO Michael Williamson is excited about seeing student success stories thanks to their software. “It’s really all about early intervention, predicting which kids are going to drop out or which kids are going to fail and finding those kids early and intervening.”Eric Miller, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation shared- "We are so thankful for our time at the Village. We started out as a small team with 5 or 6 people in the office and all working like crazy to try and build a product that school districts would see the value of and want to use. We found many companies that we could learn from, and were able to establish some key relationships that provided timely advice on capital investment, corporate culture and accountability and even how to do sales. These relationships directly contributed to the significant growth of IO Education, including funding, acquisitions, our Inside Sales team and our approach on goal alignment and achievement. I can definitively say that we would not be where we are today without our time and the relationships formed at Atlanta Tech Village."And we couldn't do what we do without startups like them. The Village is so proud to be a small part of IO's startup story. Happy graduation y'all! Here's to many more successes.

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August 4, 2016
Karen Houghton