Business Radio Spotlight- Village Edition

October 24, 2013

We had the opportunity for another great Atlanta Tech Village edition of Atlanta Business Radio X this week. I always enjoy getting in the studio and sharing some of the amazing talent we have in our community. Click below to listen to some engaging and insightful interviews with the following founders of startups in the Village:Diane Bloodworth from Competitive Sports Analysis (CSA). Big Data is revolutionizing the world’s favorite pastime – sports.  CSA provides fantasy players and coaches with analytics that help them make decisions ranging from which quarterback to start in a fantasy roster to which players should be drafted.Daniel Roberts from Friendly Human. Friendly Human provides visual storytelling for human centric brands. They work with companies to create a healthy video strategy that strikes up an authentic conversation through the consistent creation of rich media.Mark Feinberg from Uruut. Uruut is the first crowdfunding platform built from the ground up to achieve greater funding success by helping connect non-profits with three funding sources- individuals, businesses and foundations.Phil Hill from Flashissue. Flashissue is an online publishing tool that can help anyone effortlessly find fresh content and create newsletters in minutes.You can create beautiful newsletters 80% faster and directly from gmail.

Atlanta Business Radio
October 24, 2013
Karen Houghton