Building a Startup during COVID is hard, but Community Shouldn't be

May 20, 2020

Atlanta Tech Village was built with one thing in mind: “Startups are hard, but community shouldn’t be”. We’ve always been passionate about the space we’ve created to foster a collaborative community, but that passion and commitment to tech startups here in Atlanta has only increased during COVID-19. We believe that you need community now, more than ever. We believe that you need a safe space to weather this storm now, more than ever.

Building a business can feel hard. Building a business alone can feel really hard. Building a business during a global pandemic alone? Well that can feel damn near impossible.

Over the last nine weeks, we’ve all watched and experienced industries coming to a screeching halt overnight, we’ve received the emails and phone calls from clients and customers cancelling and asking for relief, we’ve watched revenue streams dry up for what feels like an indefinite amount of time. If we’re being really honest, as entrepreneurs and business owners, these last nine weeks have been scary with an insurmountable amount of stress and uncertainty.

Our opinion? No one should be doing it alone. 

Not sure how to navigate the PPP loan process? Our community can help. We have an incredible collection of mentors and advisors ready and willing to give advice and guidance. Did you know 70% of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years?

Need some legal advice as clients are sourcing relief? Our community can help. A curated subset of our villagers are startups providing services like law and accounting. Our service providers help us create a well-rounded ecosystem within the Village.

Not sure how to maintain team culture with a remote workforce? Our community can help. Incredible leaders host and lead workshops for our community regularly covering topics like remote team culture, leadership, and social media for startups.

Need a weekly happy hour pick-me-up? Our community can help with that too. 

We know that keeping a startup alive during this pandemic is proving hard, but we STILL think community shouldn’t be. If you’re the founder of a tech startup here in Atlanta and you’re ready to find a safe place to land, know that the Village is ready for you and our community can help. 

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May 20, 2020
Julie Pierre