The Best Place To Build Your Startup

May 25, 2017

Atlanta Tech Village is an amenity rich community with resources just waiting to be tapped. It also happens to be the absolute best place to build and grow your startup.  Why, you ask? It could be our promise to provide you with the very best connections to capital, talent, and ideas.  Or it could be our flexibility to provide you with class A office space with memberships that are only 30 days long.  Maybe you are a member that is not taking full advantage or maybe you are looking to start your company in the ATL. Let me help you channel your inner Thoreau and “suck all of the marrow” out of the Village.

Mentors and Advisors

The first benefit of being a Villager and may I say one of the most important is our Mentor and Advisor program.  This is a group of men and women who are highly vetted professionals who with a great deal of experience, insight, and a pay it forward mentality. They each offer a different set of skills, coaching style, and a resume that would blow your mind!  As a new or seasoned founder, there are always areas to grow and consider. The knowledge and wisdom offered through these esteemed men and women will only benefit you and raise your chance at success. We strongly believe that every founder should have a mentor.  Would you ever eat a frosty without fries? Didn’t think so.  

Wellness and Fitness

Startups can be hard and more demanding than the average bear’s 9-5.  We truly value and believe in a work/life blend, which is why we have a strong wellness and fitness focus. Why are you still paying for that gym membership?  The Village offers a variety of free classes to our members: boxing, boot camp, yoga, and even a Certified Nike trainer.  Oh and don’t worry, we also have showers, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  The gym is open 24/7 to serve that potential insomnia.

Events and Education

Out of 430+ events each year, 95% of those are free and open to our members.  The Village hosts the largest gathering of entrepreneurs, in the Southeast, each month (Atlanta Startup Village) as well as workshops, panels, and even a weekly lunch (free for our members) called Startup Chowdown.  What’s more fun than attending a Village event?  Throwing your own.  As members you get a 30% discount on all event rentals. No better way to celebrate your dirty thirty than on our rooftop deck.

Tech and Cloud Support

For building your product, we also have technical amenities to get super excited about like up to $110,000 worth of AWS credits, or an automatic entrance into Microsoft’s Bizspark program.  And we aren’t done yet....there is opportunity for Digital Ocean Credits, HubSpot for Startups, Google Developers Starter Packs, ChartMogul, SendGrid, Geckoboard, and Zendesk. Yes, dreams do come true.

The Fun Stuff

Now for those of you who also love nontechnical perks: we have car washes, personal training sessions, hotel/Flywheel/Lyft discounts, a notary, member socials, happy hours, parties, and showcases.  Oh! AND our free snacks, Coke Freestyle, Octane coffee, nap rooms, scooters, and keg beer.  To the members reading this, you’re welcome. To the ones seeking a community of like minded entrepreneurs, with the sole mission to give your startup the best chance at success, see you on a member tour. And I think this is where we drop the mic.This post was written by Kelly Anne O'Neill, Community Development Manager.

May 25, 2017
Karen Houghton