BeeTold - Getting Honest Answers, Fast.

April 6, 2016

BeeTold is a new and totally simple way to ask questions in real-time to any groups — people you work with, friends or anybody that might be relevant. Whether you’re working on a project, making internal decisions, or simply contemplating what outfit to wear on date night, you can use this App any time a question arises. With BeeTold, you have a very easy, organized, and fun method to gather feedback to help make decisions. Founder Bryan Kujawski shares more about his app and startup journey below as he works to help folks just like you and me get honest answers, fast.

What is BeeTold?

BeeTold is an app that provides a new way to get quick, structured feedback from people you’re working with, one question at a time. BeeTold makes asking for feedback and tracking responses quicker and easier for the following reasons:  1) Create and send one question at a time to relevant stakeholders using your phone. 2) Recipients don’t need the app as questions are sent via simple web links and can be opened on any device. 3) Recipients reply 100% anonymously, making it more likely that you get truly honest responses. 4) The app captures & summarizes all responses and comments organized by each question, so you can quickly gather the feedback and make decisions.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

BeeTold solves two main problems. We provide an alternative to relying on slow/ costly / annoying meetings and multi-person emails to simply get some quick feedback / answers to a specific question. And, it gets feedback in an anonymous format so that you can be more confident that people will be honest in their replies.

Tell us a great BeeTold story!

I came up with the name BeeTold from the saying, “…the Truth be told…”. The idea is that when people know they’re responding anonymously, they’ll be more honest and not just tell you what they think you want to hear. And, initial feedback tells us that people are using the App to ask questions when they really want HONEST FEEDBACK. I have been using the app to ask questions that really use the anonymity feature, and at times the responses to my questions have been very eye-opening. Try it for yourself.

What do you love most about being in the Village?

I’m a huge fan of the Village. I’m around smart, inspired people of like mind dealing with common issues / challenges in the throws of different stages of entrepreneurship / tech startups. I’ve met many new people as well as re-connected with dozens of people that I knew from previous related technology and business activities in Atlanta over the years.The people I have met have not only become friends but, in many cases, have become reliable resources for my business. Additionally, I have found that the Village is the place where people want to be – for work, internships and just meetings. Simply my association with the Atlanta Tech Village has created more luster around what I’m doing.

Any words of wisdom for entrepreneurs?

As the standard stock market investment disclaimer states, “Past performance does not guarantee future results.” As I have humbly learned, each new business or venture is totally independent with totally unique variables, factors and risks.

Regardless of one’s history, it’s critical to remember that a successful business takes everything you’ve got and that you should leave any arrogance at the door. Lean on mentors, do whatever you can to become an expert in your category, be there earlier and stay later, and, if possible, get a smart co-founder to join you.

So check out BeeTold for whenever questions arise.

April 6, 2016
Karen Houghton