Becoming Atlanta's Tech Hub

July 11, 2013

Part of our overarching mission at Atlanta Tech Village is to be a hub for tech entrepreneurs and startups in Atlanta. There are only a handful of places around town that offer space suitable for tech meetups or startup pitch nights with amenities like blazing fast wifi, free parking, and an inclusive, collaborative feel (Hypepotamus and ATDC among them).We said to ourselves back in January, "let's try to have one event a week," but boy, were we underestimating the desire for meeting & collaboration space. Since we opened our doors, tons of groups have hosted meetups, workshops, social events, and more. It has been so fun to see so many new faces come through the Village, and to witness serendipitous interactions firsthand. The events calendar is packed for July-- literally, there is something scheduled on every weekday in July, as well as a few weekends, and most of these events are free and open the the public (make sure you check out the full schedule here).What's been especially cool to see is the ripple effect that the Village has, drawing new people and groups into the Atlanta tech startup community, and bringing Atlanta into the minds and onto the lips of innovators, influencers, and connectors around the country. Here are just a few examples I want to highlight:


NewME, a nationally recognized startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley,  in collaboration with Google for Entrepreneurs, is going to 13 cities around the country for an intensive 3-night version of the critically acclaimed program, and will be in Atlanta this weekend. Participants get critical 1-on-1 advice (StartupCoach), a 2- part hands on workshop, a Demo Day, and tools that will let them leave the NewME PopUp ready to go to the next level.


When I was approached by Richard and Betsy who wanted to bring this bootcamp to ATV, my first thought was, "can I do it, too?" The Tech Talent South bootcamp is a chance for the next generation of disruptors and world changers to discover what is possible with technology and how it can be used to solve real world problems. Kids ages 10+ will get a flavor for coding languages, game and app development, animation, social media, and more.


Since 2006, GigaOM has grown into the leading independent voice on emerging technologies and the disruption of media, covering cloud, mobile, cleantech, consumer web and media for over 5.5 million monthly unique readers. On a recent trip to Atlanta, GigaOm's CEO, Paul Walborsky, was impressed with what he saw in our tech community and decided to host a meetup here, bringing together executives from top brands discussing the future of mobile marketing and commerce in this fast paced industry. This event takes place in Midtown, at Opera nightclub.This is only a small glimpse of the cool things happening in Atlanta (keep your ears open for some huge things happening this Fall). To stay on top of the latest happenings, here are a few resources to plug in to:

If you're interested in holding an event in the ATV event center, get in touch:

July 11, 2013
Karen Houghton