Atlanta Startup Village #9 - Recap

June 26, 2013

Here we go again, folks! One of the most popular events on the Atlanta startup scene, Atlanta Startup Village happened tonight at Atlanta Tech Village. As usual, five amazing entrepreneurs presented their blood, sweat, and tears to an audience of over 200 peers, mentors, and investors. Here they are:


Who's the oldest living generation in your family? Do you have stories recorded of their lives, or of your family legacy? Most of us do not. Enter Umenta: they help capture and preserve family histories. Written accounts, voice files, videos, etc. It's family biographies at a fraction of the cost of traditional biographies. A legacy concierge will work with your family to capture those stories.

Pliant Labs

Helps e-commerce businesses list and sell their products anywhere on the web. Pliant Labs brings the marketplace to the business. They've got a basic API tool that takes any kind of document and automatically creates an API for consumption, allowing you to put your data anywhere. You can hook up that API with any e-commerce platform and update things like product availability real-time.

Acuity CFO

AcuityCFO is total accounting and finance for entrepreneurs. Transactional accounting (bookkeeping) takes a ton of time- and it sucks. Most of it is done by someone manually entering data, and it's not hard, but a startup CEO has higher priorities. Acuity saw a need for technology to step in & make it better, but through the customer discovery process, they learned that a full tech-bot wasn't exactly what people wanted. So they are now a managed service with a technology component, and bringing the old school of accounting into the 21st century!

Innovare Solutions

The future of display systems....a hologram-like system, which can be run by any kind of device. The inventor discovered he was doing everything the wrong way- built a product and figured everyone would discover it on their own. When he realized that wasn't the way things work, he sought help from ATDC, Hype, and My Inventors Club. Still seeking the other piece of the puzzle to make it a consumable product.


A leap forward in usability for GPU and accelerator computing. They accelerate code...but it's not a "hey, my computer is slow" solution. It's not SaaS, it's an installed software license. They enable you to run your code on a much more powerful chip. Companies who have huge computational or precision and need to get it done quickly are perfect clients. Accelereyes accelerates computations and translates data very quickly.And last but not least, two great volunteer helpers had 30 seconds to pitch to the crowd. Kevin Sandlin pitched Startup BP, and Will King pitched eCommHub. Want to pitch next month? Sign up as a set-up volunteer and get your 30 seconds!

June 26, 2013
Karen Houghton