Announcing Our 2018 Mentors and Advisors

October 31, 2017

Atlanta Tech Village gives startups the best chance of success.  One of the ways we achieve that goal is through our Mentor and Advisor Program.  We strongly believe that every Founder should have at least one Mentor and every startup should have access to a myriad of Advisors. These men and women are a highly vetted community of people who have a wealth of experience, insight, and a pay it forward mentality.


Out of many, many applications, we are proud to officially announce our 2018 group of Atlanta Tech Village Mentors and Advisors!


Village Mentors are a curated group of highly esteemed, successful entrepreneurs and businessmen/women who provide a resource for Village entrepreneurs to connect with and learn from. They have "been there, done that," and are invested in the opportunity to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed.  We consider it a longer term, authentic relationship that walks the startup journey alongside Founders in a blend of a personal and professional relationship.Village Mentors:Rachel OrstenMike BurkeAlan UrechAnand ThakerNick RomanoTerry BauerMichael CohnNed HillCharlie PaparelliKatharine MobleyTyler ScrivenDave WaltersAaron HurstGeoff WilsonBrooke BeachTitania Jordan


Village Advisors are a curated group of highly esteemed, successful subject matter experts who are an amazing resource for our entrepreneurs. They are sales wizards, senior developers, lawyers, accountants, SEO experts, marketing gurus, and VCs who are committed to offering support and free advice to our community. These relationships are considered short-term connections with specific subject matter needs and requests. After meeting with one of our Advisors, our members are able to walk away with goals and direction to better serve their startup and team.Village Advisors:Scott LopanoMichael HortenYuri EliezerBenjamin RudolphSteve BachmanMike GomezKevin SandlinDavid KurkjianBrenda BeckerTyler DiskCarl JohnstonJames ScottJosh SiegelLindsay TrinkleTechnical Advisors:Ricky SmithDon PottingerJohn PignataTobias WrightIt's a crazy talented group of folks. If you think you don't need to talk with any of them, you are wrong. Every Founder and startup leader should be listening and learning from others, always.

Villagers, log into your member dashboard and make an appointment- today.

October 31, 2017
Karen Houghton