7 Village Companies Making a Difference During COVID-19

April 2, 2020

The Village is all about Paying it Forward and so are our startups. During times of such extreme adversity and uncertainty, these startups are finding a way to do things differently to help companies, hospitals and humans just trying to get through. Check out what these startups are doing to help people in need:


Who they are: Motivo connects new therapists with experienced supervisors from the beginning to the end of the clinical supervision process. The mental health workforce has been hit particularly hard as therapists transition quickly to a tele-health model. Private practice clinicians, healthcare organizations, and graduate school programs are working hard to ensure continuity of care for the children, adults, and families they serve. 

How they’re helping: During COVID-19, Motivo is here to serve as a resource to clinical supervisors, mental health agencies and universities who need to quickly transition interns and associates to virtual supervision. They are offering a free, 60-day trial to supervisors, non-profit agencies and universities who need to transition in-person supervision online.

2PM Solutions

Who they are: 2PM Solutions provide professional consulting service to startup companies with hardware engineering and manufacturing solutions leading their concept and design to real production.

How they’re helping: Within the US, the 2PM team connected medical organizations in need of assistance with manufacturers that could help facilitate mass production of medical supplies. They have negotiated with larger manufacturers to secure the capacity and reduced costs necessary to provide relief for urgent needs within the national health community.  


Who they are: Purposity is a community proving humanity is good. They are hyper localized, allowing you to give to those in need in your schools and neighborhoods. Purposity currently has 75,000 users and has been in a stage of controlled growth, but seeing how uniquely positioned it is for such a time as this, they are opening to all users, schools districts, nonprofits & companies. Last week alone, they saw 102% increase in active daily users. 

How they’re helping: “Purposity answers the question, ‘How do I help from home?’ This is a question being asked by many Americans right now since nonprofits can’t have physical volunteers and donations are dropping. Purposity uses an app to connect users to real-time and urgent needs in their community.”  - Blake, Purposity Founder


Who they are: Talli tracks all things baby...from feedings, diapers, sleep and more with just one touch of a button. Seeing all your data in real-time, the app pulls together event data from your Talli device, your app, and Alexa. The user is able to keep everything in one place and make any edits needed. 

How they’re helping: They have created a symptom tracker app so you can better know if you have symptoms of COVID-19 coming on, going away or getting worse and are able to relay those messages to your physician. Founder, Lauren Longo said, “As I thought through how on earth I was going to keep an eye on everyone and make smart decisions, it occurred to me that with some minor modifications, our Talli app could help me track symptoms to navigate this unknown landscape. And could help other people too.”


Who they are: An apparel treatment robot that can clean and press clothes in under 5 minutes. Instead of shipping garments to a dry-cleaner and waiting several days to get garments back, Presso processes items on-site and on-demand. 

How they’re helping: They are repurposing their dry-cleaning robots to focus on sanitization of clothes. They are talking to hospitals and quarantine zones to clean staff clothes like scrubs, lab coats, etc. on-site and on-demand.


Who they are: Usit connects households to college students, creating more opportunities for students and more possibilities for parents. 

How they’re helping:  On demand babysitting has just gone virtual. Virtual sitting may seem like a strange concept at first but it can keep your kids engaged and entertained for 2 hours while you get work done and knock out some Zoom meetings. Your kids are constantly craving your attention, bored out of their minds, and in need of engagement. Sign up today and get excited for two hours of uninterrupted work while a vetted virtual babysitter entertains your kid for 2 hours! Sign up for an invite here.


Who they are: Vestigo exists to empower companies to build and maintain a powerful team mindset of innovation and adaptability.

How they’re helping: These awesome people are using VR to help with corporate leadership development while still maintaining social distancing protocols. Founder Marshall Mosher said that now is the perfect time for his company to help others connect through VR experiences that help users adapt in difficult situations, bond with coworkers and learn problem-solving skills. “We can ship the headsets out to employees that can use them in their house or their own independent work space or wherever to be part of the same VR experience,” he said. So check out Vestigo and get your team doing VR experiences together from their own homes.

These are just a few of the companies making changes in the current climate to make life easier for everyone. We are so proud to call each of these founders and their companies Villagers! 

April 2, 2020
Hilton Thompson