7 MORE Startups Making a Difference During COVID-19

May 5, 2020

The Village is all about Paying it Forward and so are our startups, so much so that this is our second article all about them. You can read the first  article featuring 7 different startups here. During times of such extreme adversity and uncertainty, these startups are finding a way to do things differently to help companies, hospitals and humans just trying to get through. Check out what these startups are doing to help people in need:


Who they are: Softgiving makes it easy for influencers to fundraise for their favorite causes in a fast, convenient, lifestyle-based way. Softgiving provides tools for successful fundraising that allow influencers of any size to share their campaign across all social platforms while maximizing their donations.

How they’re helping: During COVID, they have been working with gamers and influencers across the country to raise over $200,000 to go directly to charities helping during this global crisis. Check out their Twitter to see who they are working with.


Who they are: Ever wanted to learn something new? Maybe an instrument? MusicBuk connects people with their perfect music instructor.

How they’re helping: You don't have to be bored while stuck at home. That's why Musicbuk is now offering virtual music lessons. Learning from your living room. That's Musicbuk. World-class instructors available on Musicbuk.


Who they are: Security awareness training your employees will love.
Train your employees with short relatable stories that visualize a cyber attack. In minutes, launch a simple themed cyber security awareness training program that protects your employees from today's security threats. Security awareness training doesn't have to be boring anymore.

How they’re helping:  Curricula is offering free Coronavirus phishing tests that you can use to help train your employees. After seeing countless organizations fall victim to phishing scams, misinformation, and other cyber attacks, they are doing their part to help fight back. Learn more here.


Who they are: SmartConvos is harnessing the power of conversational AI to reinvent display advertisements, landing pages and websites. Conversations can change lives, impact decisions, spark ideas, and evoke emotion. How we communicate through marketing and advertising is just as important. So they developed a No-Code, Self Service, Multi-Channel Conversational AI platform that lets you build the conversations you want to have.

How they’re helping: For small businesses and startups (with 10 or less employees) they're doing 50% off subscription fees. Startups associated with ATV, ATDC, Techstars etc. automatically qualify no matter the employee size.


Who they are: Spirit is a home for everything outside the classroom.
Students, teachers, and community members download the Spirit app and are instantly connected to your extra-curricular world.

How they’re helping: During these challenging times it’s important to us to see students maintaining relationships and school spirit surviving. To help with this, they're offering Spirit for free to every new K-12 school during shutdown (until you reopen). Simply send them an email at to get you setup. They've also added a new feature to help virtual event hosts. Now, in the Admin Console, you can add a live stream (Youtube, Twitch, etc.) or a meeting (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) link to your event. The live link will then appear on the event page in Spirit when it’s time for the event to begin.


Who they are: Keekstr provides a network of sophisticated augmented and virtual reality content providers to the sellers of commercial real estate. Their team of highly-qualified 360º capable photographers can take commercial and other unique properties and transform them into totally immersive virtual tour experiences that allow investors to fully view and evaluate a property they may be considering for purchase without ever having to leave the office.

How they’re helping:  Now, they are doing virtual tours so that real estate investors can view properties they may want to invest in without having to physically go there. Investing from the couch, sign us up!


Who they are: BELLA is a streaming service designed to deliver stunning cinematic content to television and projection screens in hospitals and other shared spaces.

How they’re helping: Starting out with a series of one-minute “beautiful videos” that founder Felipe Barral calls “bellos”, he hopes to provide patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers a much-needed biophilic connection with the outside world.

These are just a few of the companies making changes in the current climate to make life better and easier for everyone. We are so proud to be part of each of these founder's and startup's stories!

May 5, 2020
Hilton Thompson