7 Figure Club & Alumni Membership

July 2, 2014

The Village is continuing to grow with well over 600 members and 200 startups to date! As we grow, we are able to identify additional ways we can meet the needs of the startups in our space and provide greater ways to build our community. We are excited to announce two new ways to achieve both- our 7 Figure Club and Alumni Membership.

7 Figure Club

Our Village Verified program now has over 25 startups. As our 6 figure club, startups who are Village Verified gain community from founder, technical, and sales peer huddle groups, have special opportunities to connect with investors, and incredible discount and credits for AWS, Rackspace, Google Developers pack, and more.But several of our Village Verified companies are skyrocketing past the 6 figures and on into 7. This is a huge milestone to be celebrated, and opens the door to connect with other equally successful entrepreneurs in the Village. To help celebrate and meet their growing needs, our 7 Figure Club includes additional monthly CEO meetings with a catered lunch and deep dive discussions, facilitated by David Cummings. The 7 Figure Club requires members to be a Village Verified member in good standing who have achieved 7 figures in funding or in annual recurring revenue. We can't wait to see this community grow!

Alumni Membership

Atlanta Tech Village is the perfect home for tech startups with 1-25 people. Over 25 people, companies tend to mature past "startup" and are ready for longer-term, more permanent office space. As companies grow and anticipate graduating from the Village, we have gotten multiple requests for continued membership even as companies move on and graduate. We are pleased to now offer Alumni Membership for our Village Verified companies that are outgrowing our space.Startups can now stay involved and continue to receive member-level benefits by becoming a Village Alumni member. Requirements are to be a Village Verified member in good standing, and to have been a Village member for at least 6 months. Benefits include hot desk access, curated meetings with investors and industry executives, monthly technical, sales, and founder huddles, and more!We are excited to watch these two new programs support and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas and capital.

July 2, 2014
Karen Houghton