2018 - A Year in Review

December 20, 2018

It's about to be a new year, and Atlanta Tech Village is officially turning 6 years old. What a year it was for the Village! We continue to see amazing growth in Atlanta and in our community. As we focus on the new year ahead, let's take a quick nostalgic look back at our favorite numbers of 2018 from the impressive to the ridiculous.

To date:

  • $750M+ capital has been raised by Village startups
  • 6,541 jobs have been created through Village startups
  • 4,830 people have called the Village home

This year:

  • 49 Village startups achieved 6 Figures in Funding or ARR
  • 24 Village startups achieved 7 Figures in Funding or ARR
  • 10,621 lunches were served at Startup Chowdown
  • 703 events were hosted
  • 8,736 servings of chicken noodle soup were consumed
  • 1,700 pounds of coffee and 34,944 cups of tea were drunk
  • 217 badass ladies attended our Women + Tech workshops and meetup
  • 128 new software engineers came out of Village code school DigitalCrafts
  • 22 startups went through our Pre-Accelerator program
  • 300 ping pong balls were used and abused
  • 106 Bottles of champagne were popped for startup graduations
  • 52 very awesome blog posts were written (get your content here!)
  • 61 meetups were hosted
  • 4,097 people attended Atlanta Startup Village and 3,000 beers were poured
  • 14 countries brought groups to the Village
  • 1,437 tours were given
  • 148 internal office moves were experienced as startups grew into and out of their office space.
  • 26 curated pitch events were hosted connecting entrepreneurs to investors
  • 27 female founders call the Village home (and we need more!)
  • 516 people attended our epic holiday party - Viva Las Village
  • 55 highly curated Mentors and Advisors committed to serve Village entrepreneurs
  • 75 our average NPS rating
  • 28,100 organic followers on twitter (join the cool kids)
  • 46,355 visitor parking passes were processed
  • 381 Coca-Cola freestyle cartridges were used
  • 1 Community Center got a sweet, sweet renovation
  • 3 the number that Forbes ranked Atlanta as a "Rising City for Startups"

It was a pretty dang awesome year.We are looking forward to 2019 and all the promise it holds for our Village family and the startup community of our great city. Keep dreaming big, friends!

December 20, 2018
Karen Houghton